1. entrana

    1 gb, 20 years ago

    the difference between 1gb 20 years ago and 1gb now..
  2. Krazy_About_Technology

    RAM Prices All Time Low!

    Hi Friends, This is not much of a news but it gave me a surprise. I am from New Delhi and RAM prices here have fallen very deep this week. Just 1 hour ago, i upgraded my acer laptop's ram to Kingston 1GB 667 MHZ DDR-2 RAM for Rs 1500 Flat! 2 months ago, when i checked the prices the...
  3. nileshgr

    HELP: URGENT: mysqld, iptables, many problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    httpd was configured long ago. I had changed the location of .pid file from /etc/httpd/run to /var/run Two days ago, i saw many files in /etc/httpd/run I deleted all of them and now there is Sound Problem, mysqld won't start, iptables wud give errors, much more..... How do i solve...
  4. aryayush

    Where'd my posts go?

    Hello! :) I don't generally pay attention to my posts because I know I am one of the topmost posters anyway but I couldn't ignore something I noticed yesterday. A day or two ago, I'd just crossed the three thousand milestone. Shantanu had mentioned it so I remember it. And now suddenly, I am...
  5. H

    Rate my little software

    This is a simple bit calculator, which i made long ago in 2004 using vb6, thought...would be nice to share it. :) *
  6. T

    Is ccleaner good enough

    Do you think ccleaner is good enough to clear the crap from your computer. On mine one, I uninstalled Office 2007, DAP, Google toolbar and Acrobat reader 6 and long ago but they are still there in options in Ccleaner. Even if I delete them from registry they resurface under Cleaner settings
  7. Tapomay

    Get a free printed map of India...

    Just fill-up a form and you will get an excellent map of India worth Rs.295/- for free. I got one a few days ago and the map is very useful. :) :cool: Click here > *
  8. R

    7610 Sim Card Not Valid Error!!!

    My 7610 was working fine till now, then some minutes ago i switched it off, then when i switched it back on it gives "Sim Card Not Valid" Error. The phone is not network locked, it was working fine some minutes ago... Just i restarted and it gives this error... :( :( Please someone help!! :(...
  9. sushir

    Make Me A PC Challenge (Dont Miss)

    Budget 10 K FLAT !!!! All parts have to be new ... Lets C who can come up with the best PC in this price constraint. PS: inspiration - 10 years ago, an uncle said - beta, you will get very cheap PC's in the future ... and i didnt see the price going nowhere. A decent rig then and...
  10. A

    India Rising

    Yesterday, $1= 39.6 rupees When was the last time we saw this? a decade ago? Moreover India is now a trillion dollar economy. India is rising *
  11. W

    stupid Softice

    Hey guys, a while back about 6 months ago i decided to go into the whole cracking scene, it was gay and especially softice was gay. i ended up using OllyDBG. anyways, now i have a game im wanting to play and it says it wont open with debuggers present. Ive uninstalled through control panel...
  12. GeekyBoy

    BSNL DataOne Query

    I ordered a BSNL Home 250 connection a week ago. A few days ago a BSNL representative came to my house and installed a Huawei SmartAX MT841 Modem. It has ethernet and USB connections. I want to know about the performance of this modem. Please write your experiences. Also, I have not got my...
  13. M

    help me for last time

    hi ppl sorry i m troubling you again . i need to buy extra controller for ps2 .i have heard that there are 2 types of it one is of 300 while other is of 675 how to distinguish the two coz my friend got screwed month ago as during tekken game joystick came out in his hand . pls help
  14. Chetan1991

    Burning SMPSs!!!!

    Hi Guys! I am constantly having the problem with SMPS of my computer. Some months ago the SMPS malfunctioned for the first time:when I pressed Power button,the fans buzzed for fraction of a second and stopped,but still on 15-25 tries,computer started. Then about 50 days ago,my computer vendor...
  15. karthik55859

    is it really scarse???????

    hello every one, coming to the point,i very much frustrated by delays with my dealer,i have ordered samsung 940bw 19"inch widescreen model 40 days ago....up to till day he is saying there is no stock at all in INDIA!!!!! all distributors across south india...why i am telling you...
  16. S

    is there anybody in this forum who can solve this problem

    I had posted this thread abt 10 days ago but it didn't help. anyone has a solution? plz reply *
  17. Curious Guest

    Display problem???

    Recently my XP Home desktop has become 'jarky' as all icons shakes a lot following rt click & refresh. There was no shakes few days ago. May be a bit silly to ask but can anyone help me to restore original settings? Thanks.
  18. faraaz

    Problem with audio playback

    Hi, as of two hours ago I'm getting a weird problem with my laptop. Every time I double click a song, I get the following error message: Bad DirectSound driver. Please install proper drivers or select another device in configuration. Error code: 88780078 This is pretty weird because I...
  19. kkg_mjh

    HELP regarding Airtel NOP

    What is this NOP (net on phone ) service by airtel donot tell me to contact airtel CC coz they have blocked my cc 2 month ago and still not unblocked even after 15 calls
  20. V

    want to sell my pc

    hi, i am varun .i wnt to sell my system full working fine bought 4 year ago. reason:going for a laptop. intel(r) celeron(r)cpu 1.70ghz 1.70ghz,256mb ram 80 gb hard disk of samsung bought i month ago. microsoft windows xp professional version 2002 service pack 2. i have a 15 inc monitor working...
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