1. V

    Difference between these phones ...??

    I want to know the difference between these phones...Specs look almost same.. Sony Xperia Acro S Sony Xperia SL
  2. Empirial

    Sony Xperia Z launched in India for Rs. 38990

    Sony Mobile has launched the Xperia Z, their latest flagship device in India. It was announced at CES 2013 earlier this year, and appeared on Sony India website last month. Sony announced the Xperia Z launch date in India last week, and the Xperia ZL also launched along with the Xperia Z. Price...
  3. Kl@w-24

    Xperia Mini Pro For Sale!

    [SOLD] Xperia Mini Pro For Sale! For Sale! Xperia Mini Pro SK17i Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Xperia Mini Pro SK 17i - GSMArena Specs Expected Price:SOLD!! Time of Purchase: January 2013 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes...
  4. P

    Should I buy Sony Xperia SL @ Rs.21600/- ?

    Hi Do you recommend buying Sony Xperia SL at Rs.21600 from indiatimes? I mean, is the phone a nice choice for this price? Secondly, can this website be trusted? Thanks!
  5. M

    Note II or Xperia Z

    hi guys I extended my budget to 35k some how i did it :P now I want phone to watch sitcoms n movies while traveling to work or play games...... listen music n so on but also good camera so i short listed Note II and New Xperia Z and Nexus 4 but nexus 4 dont have external storage for my...
  6. randomuser111

    Sony Xperia Z Kernel Source Released Prior to Worldwide Device Launch

    One of the most highly-anticipated devices debuted at CES 2013 is the Sony Xperia Z. With a 5″ 1080p screen with a ~441 ppi, sitting atop a quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro with 2 gigs RAM and a 13.1 MP camera, there’s no doubt that anticipation is warranted. With the device recently released in...
  7. X

    Should I sell my Xperia P for Galaxy Grand

    Hi Guyz . I currently own a Xperia P . I bought it back a month or a two . But lately , this Galaxy Grand has caught my eye . Actually , i'm a heavy user . My Xperia P does perform tasks elegantly . But the matter that has led me to this stage is it's battery . 1305 mAh won't suffice me , as it...
  8. theserpent

    Sony Xperia SP

    Sony Xperia SP 'C530X live' specs and photos leaked - Mobile Phone | ThinkDigit News Hope it's priced around 10-16k with a expandable memory
  9. M

    Confused... Smartphone under 22k

    Hi guys, Today, my friend will be buying a new phone... Have shortlisted few - Xperia p, nokia lumia 800, but he is more interested in buying xperia p. Can you guys please suggest if xperia p is worth buying or should he move with lumia instead or is there any other phone in your...
  10. F

    should i upgrade xperia u to ICS or not?

    hello world , i've just bought a new xperia u just a few days back. im tempted by the features in ICS and they also said that ICS improved camera performance. But the scary thing is i've seen reports on the net that ics upgrade in xperia u makes the phone laggy and brings in a lot of
  11. Darth Vader

    Android Mobile with focus on Camera,Music @ 25k Budget

    1. Budget? 25k 2. Display type and size? Touch and 4-4.5" inch 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip?Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? anything 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). Touch 6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash, autofocus...
  12. F

    sony xperia u or sony ericsson xperia ray?

    guys i have to buy a phone this week.i've sorted out two phones.the xperia u and ericcson xperia ray. could you suggest me which one i should go for? the U has no memory card slot and the ray is not supported by sony anymore,also ray has 3.3 inch display compared to 3.5 of xperia u. also...
  13. coderunknown

    [Index] User reviews & discussions

    TABS: Amazon: Amazon Kindle by KDroid Apple: Apple iPad 2 by MetalheadGautham Blackberry: Blackberry Playbook by har iBall: Iball Slide by Aarizz Ansario Google: Nexus 7 by gizmo96 Nexus 10 by theserpent Micromax: Micromax FunBook by Tenida...
  14. Anorion

    magic droids

    often, incredible features of models are hidden away in all the myriad features, and devices get passed over in favor of others in a hivestorm of comments for example, Xperia Active was never considered a great model, but I loved it beyond anything and was shocked by a consensus that said...
  15. shaurya.malik88

    Sony Xperia Z:: The best Mobile till date??

    At CES 2013, Sony xperia z bagged 12 awards and thus becoming the shiniest star of the show. On the other hand the launch of Samsung bendable phone was also talked much but not as Xperia. what your views on this?
  16. A

    Smartphone under 15k suggestions!

    1. Budget: less than 15k 2. Display type and size- 4" preferred bt less is ok 3. Form Factor: bar 4. Preferred choice of brand: no indian brands 5. Preferred input method - touchscreen 6. What camera option you want: flash, front facing camera preferred 7. Preferred operating system...
  17. F

    should i wait for new phones this year or should i go for xperia u?

    hello monsters, i've set my eyes on Sony Xperia U. Im not in a hurry to buy a mobile as of now.My budget constraint is <13000 (ive seen xperia u getting sold for 12k on some deals) But these things bug me about this phone. -Price -No Memory card extension i need a 5mp android phone...
  18. Ayuclack

    Xperia S Unboxing

  19. J

    wid jelly bean update xpctd 4 xperia j is it worth buying (13k in ebay)

    With Jelly Bean update planned for xperia j is it worth buying despite its cons
  20. IronCruz

    Display problem Sony Tipo(single)

    I see strange colours on the screen for a sec and then it goes. It happens to me, when i use Xperia gallery and twitter. Here is the video how it happens. Please do watch it, it's just 3 sec video.. Please help me out.
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