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    Man I ordered this IEM from SOny

    Sony MDR-EX220LP In-the-ear Headphone - Sony: Flipkart.com

    This produces balance sound right ? :D
    all sony products :), mostly cybershot, vaio and xperia and bravia
    idk why sony does is not doing marketing in india like tv ads, posters
    Hey, just saw the HTC butterfly, priced at 45k, are you sure the Xperia Z is going to cost 36k? I mean the Xperia has better specs and Sony always keeps the price high?
    Do you have any update on that?
    Hey I didn't go anywhere, still active here :).

    Get the Nexus S if you want Jellybean as Sola isn't getting JB.
    dude,how are ya? long time , no see! :-D

    im confused right now, plz help me~!
    Google Nexus S @ 11.7k vs Xperia Sola @12.7 k ?
    what would be best?
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