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Jul 21, 2018 at 2:33 AM
Oct 10, 2008
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Sith Lord

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Jul 21, 2018 at 2:33 AM
    1. pratyush997
      You got a PM
    2. aaruni
      please reply to my PM
    3. Nipun
      How about level 10 troll then? :P
    4. Nipun
      You aren't Level 9 Troll anymore? :o
    5. Demon Lord
      Demon Lord
      pls see my pm
    6. rhitwick
      lol...that was u? Would unblock u once I reach home. Don't seem to find an option in "tweetcaster" for unblocking people.
      b/w I'm following u now :D
    7. wraj
      My association with Digit dates back to 90s, and Ive been one of the early registrant to this forum since 2005. Now that the username "wraj" seemed to be very short for anyone to be hacked easily (and I now no more use YAHOO mail of late), I registered myself with the new name "aamit_wraj" and made some replies.And to my surprise, Im seeing myself banned as a spammer. I admit that the new username will get the same treatment as a new user, but I as a new entrant ensured everything that has been written in Rules & Regulation.I also limited myself to replies which were suggestive and relevant in nature with no ads.I also used the links which were just a review for the asked piece. (I also know about the disabled feature of HTML/URL for the new members, but availability of the codes in edit section is what confused me).Im also available for any further clarification, but kindly ensure that Im not the victim of any confusion.
    8. Nisha Gupta
      Nisha Gupta
      i m new to this plz tell how to post new threads
    9. MohsinMan99
      I have a question. I am new here but I've made like 5 posts already but I notice that they are not counted. I posted mostly in the Fight Club. May I know what might be the problem?
    10. Garbage
    11. Serial Killer7
      Serial Killer7
      am not able to post in any thread help please
    12. Anorion
      hmm... its a good discussion but the thread is a mess thinking of locking it
    13. furious_gamer
      ok. at least mods should inform us why they are doing this. I am feeling too bad because why would someone delete my post which doesn't harm anyone and contribute to the topic?
    14. furious_gamer
      u deleted my post in that "Beware of Lynx-India.com" thread?
    15. Ujjawal
    16. anandchawlaa
    17. vamsi360
      Digit archive now updated to RC1. Download and use it now! It has database upto December 2009.


      Digit Archive now hosted at Codeplex - download now! - Digit's Technology Discussion Forum

      Also....why no reply?
    18. onlyabhi
      I want to change my username. Please tell me how to do it.
    19. mehrotra.akash
      I had ordered the June issue on 16th June from the digit store, but have not received it as yet , and neither have I received any mail regarding the shipping. I have only received the mail confirming my order has been received.
      emails that i sent have not been replied to and phone calls are not being picked up.
      I have tried (91)-22-40789612/13/14. and 011-45069999 Phone numbers
    20. Rituraj Singh Rawat
      Rituraj Singh Rawat
      hey dude !! what happened ?? people getting angry at forums.....and for late deliveries too..!! Hope you sort out the issues fast !!! Good day..
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