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  1. slugger

    CD-ROM Drive tray Not opening

    I got a Creative 26X CD-ROM drive. Since the past couple of days, the tray of the drive refuses to open up. I tried conneting it to a different IDE channel, changed the power cable, disconnected it then again reconnected it, but to no avail. Can anybody please tell me what to do to solve this...
  2. E

    Caller id events not working

    I have installed caller id events and using D-link dfm 562 e++ external Modem. link to caller id events http://www.teley.com/products/cidevents/download/cidevents1.exe phone tray free and phone tray dial up shows the incoming caller number . but called id detects an incoming call but...
  3. Aniruddh

    desktop manager....

    heyy guyz plz temme a software for maintaining the desktop like system tray,startups,quick launch etc etc i tryed msconfig for system tray but weneva i restart my come evrythings comes again in the tray sooo for these kinda things want a software to maintain. thanks in advance
  4. R

    Samsung SW252S CD-RW Drive Gone Crazy

    :? I've got a Samsung SW252S CD-RW for about 1.5 years now with no problems. But suddenly for the last three days its giving lots of problems. It's popping out its tray every now n then even if I don't eject it n even in the middle of reading a cd. Also its not reading cds properly. Its...
  5. QwertyManiac

    How to clear the tray history ? (Its too big !)

    If we go to Start Menu (rightclick) > Properties > Taskbar (Tab) > Customize Button (Near Hide Inactive Buttons checkbox) U can see a long list of tray programs.. How do u clear those programs that arent there anymore on ur comp ???
  6. A

    Samsung's redesigned tray.....Your Opinion please

    With their latest models of Optical Drives, Samsung seems to have introduced a somewhat changed tray. Take a look. Do you think this breed of Optical drives will be better than the last? :?: EDIT: I have one of these models, and it sure seems to work fine...for now. :shock:
  7. ashu888ashu888

    SAMSUNG CD-RW Problems..

    Hi guys well im having a SAMSUMG CD WRITER (1 year old) and the problem that im facing is that wenever i insert any kind of CD into the CD-RW drive,the tray jus comes out (with the CD in the tray) without auto running it..It fails to autorun or Detect any type of MEDIA,DATA,MUSIC or GAME CD...
  8. linardni

    Faulty CD-ROM

    My CD-ROM (LG made) can't read or write. The green LED doesn't blink when any CD is inserted. However when I click "eject" through right clicking the CD ROM icon under My Computer, the tray ejects out. Tried but failed to roll back to any previous driver. How to make the ROM functional?
  9. H

    problem with Samsung SW-252B

    my problem is that my cd tray doesnt comes out when pressed the eject button and when i try to bring the tray out forcefully i.e by using a pin and insert a cd,my windows doesnt reads the cd and gives msg stating" that device is not ready" also at bootup the LED of the CDWriter keeps...
  10. nix

    flashget error!

    i just d/led flashget recently. it worked fine for a few days. then , whenveer i started a d/l, it shuts down automatically after a few seconds. only the icon in the system tray remains.when i move my mouse cursor over it, that disappears too. what is the problem?
  11. vandit

    three slaps..... and the tray comes out........

    I have a LG 52x max CD ROM drive ---- 3 yrs old...... The problem is that on pushing the eject button the tray doesnt come out . An easy trick that I practice is just after pushing eject I give it three tight slaps and voila out comes the tray. Once the disk is in, the drive works fine, it...
  12. kumarmohit

    CD Burner XP

    Hi Guys I have a CD writing freeware CD Burner Xp Now I been told that LAPTOP cd dvd drives does not have eject /close CD tray button on drive like desktop has so u have to push the drive tray to close the drive I know u can soft eject the drive thru right clickin but uca not clse it...
  13. 144

    ComboDrive Tray problems.

    I have a DVD comboDrive, Samsung. The Tray eject button on the Drive does not work, The tray doesnt eject. How ever when I right-click in explorer and press eject on the drive, it ejects with some sloppiness; and I have to give a push for the tray to go back inside --> can I fix this at home...
  14. iinfi


    i use microsoft outlook 2002 (10.2627.3501) SP1 is it possible to minimise it in the sys tray ??
  15. D

    windows update problem

    the automatic update icon appears in my system tray as soon as i boot up my pc and says 'updates are ready for your computer. click here to download these updates'. if i click on it there are no updates to download. why does the icon persist in the system tray?
  16. L

    AVG 7(free) control center icon disappears from system tray

    hi, I am using AVG 7 free antivirus edition ,one day my AVG control center icon in system tray disappeared suddenly . And i couldnt see that again in my system tray .I could see that avg_cc (control center .exe file )gets started up during system boot start . But peculiar thing is that...
  17. sms_solver

    Solution for Samsung CD-RW Drive tray problem

    Solution for Samsung CD-RW Drive tray problem I have 2 and half year old 24-10-40 Samsung CD-RW drive. For the last 6 months or so it is giving me a problem: the tray doesn’t come out just by pressing the eject button. I have to press the eject button 5-8 times to eject the tray. I knew...
  18. P

    hide tray icon

    There are some programmes in which hilighting the tray icon gives options to hide the icon from the tray.How can I do the same thing with any tray icon?
  19. Gaurav

    Shocked after uninstalling games

    I tried various games in the january 2005 DVD such as Ahriman's Prophecy, Bombermania,Adventures of Zak McKracken and supermario forever. These games installed various unknown softwares :!: on my machine which appear in my system tray every time i connect to internet and my connection...
  20. N

    cd tray

    HELLO FRnds i am using win2k and lg cd writer. my need is that. how can control cd tray using mouse?. mean we can eject the cd by pressing eject from the right button menu. like that how can take in the cd tray?...
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