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  1. N

    i have a printer problem

    have a HP laserjet 6l. the problem that it has is: its accepting more than one or all papers at a time. there is a problem in a tray. please let me know how to solve my problem and rectify my printer so as to work it fine.
  2. Ethan_Hunt

    Hiding system Tray Components

    i need a software by which i can hide some particular tasks for say kazaa lite if its running in the background so that no one can notice that i am downloading by noticing the icon in the system tray also the software should be able to hide it from the Crtl+Alt+Del Menu.please help fast.
  3. J

    Dead usb thumb drive

    My usb thumb drive (unibit 256 MB) with mp3 player and recorder has stopped responding at all after it was once taken out by mistake without SAFELY removing the hardware by disabling it from system tray in windows xp. What is the way I can make it work now?
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