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  1. bajaj151

    Drive Tray !!!

    How can I add option "Insert" on right click of cd/dvd drives which act as...inserting tray...as we have eject option to eject tray...in VISTA...
  2. phreak0ut

    Where is Gaim and Kopete dissappearing??

    I'm running Open SuSE 10.2(32-bit) and using GNOME. I was playing around with the panel and I removed the separator on the extreme right. The separator usually has my 'Force Quit', Gaim and Kopete along with the volume and the clock. After removing the separator, there is this strange problem...
  3. V

    CD-RW Tray not opening

    I'm having a sparingly used 2 year old SAMSUNG CD-R/RW(SW-252B) which is configured as Secondary Slave. The problem with the Samsung CD-R/RW is that the tray will never open when we are in need of that drive. It may open after 4-5 hours or sometimes 4-5 days !!! Two years ago, I've got the...
  4. Manshahia

    CD Drive Tray doesnt come out

    When i press the button to open the tray to put a CD it doesnt come out. I hav to take a screwdriver and put it at some place frm where pressure can be put to open it up. Some times just giving two three slaps opens it. Sometimes it opens at its own. Wat is the problem?
  5. S

    DVD Writter Problem

    Hello ppl I have a problem with my DVD writter-Sony DRU820A. It is around 2 months old. The problem is that when i eject the tray, the tray comes out and goes bak in automatically. No spyware problem, I even did a fresh Windows reinstall and it persists. Also a Linux boot dvd ritten with the...
  6. N

    drive locked out!

    for the past few days i cannot open my dvd writer tray. when i press the eject button, the LED glows but the tray doen'st open. only after pressing it for 4-5 times that it opens. when opening the drive using isobuster it gave the following message:"Another possible application has locked the...
  7. D

    System tray loading takes more time??

    Hello Everyone, I have win xp sp2, 512Mb ram, 80GB HD...The problem is after booting up the loading of system tray (right side bottom corner icons) is taking approx 2 mins...I have disabled all item in msconfig...startup. Thanks in advance.,.,
  8. varunbhide

    "run" has run away!

    hey ppl, i just realized a few days ago, that the run button shown in the start menu has disappeared altogether! i tried rectifying it by using tune-up utilities, but with no avail. also, the volume icon from the system tray has also disappeared. i tried checking the box `show icon in tray' in...
  9. ninad_mhatre85

    no system tray icons??

    2day i installed win xp on my machine every thing was fine but after 15 min pc restarted automatically (ram problem) after that i m not able 2 c any tray icon except clock.
  10. Skud

    CDs Not Burning Properly. Plz Help.

    of late im having some problems regarding my hardware. first of all here's my specs: pIV 1.6 ghz socket 478 willamette 256 mb rdram intel d850mv mobo 40 gb pata hdd seagate 52x lg cd-rom 52x24x52x iomega cd writer 300w PSU (built-in with the mercury cabinet) 64 mb ddr xfx geforce 4mx...
  11. sridatta

    How to minimise Outlook express to tray

    Hi all.. I would like to run my outlook express even after i close the window.. i.e. like Incredimail, which will download mail and notify even if its main window is closed, is there any option for outlook express to minimise to tray and continue to download messages ?? pls help me if...
  12. S

    Two question on windows XP

    I use Windows XP Professional SP2. I have two Questions: 1. Which is better "High Colour" or "True Colour"? 2. I have turned off Automatic Updates. Everytime I log on to windows a pop up ballon from the icon tray shows up and says that my computer might be at risk. How do I turn this annoying...
  13. GeeNeeYes

    200KB CD Tray Insert/close App

    i have developed an application that opens the CD tray if it is closed or closes it if it is open... you just have to run (double-click it) and immediately the tray will open or close depending on its state... have fun just place a shortcut of this app on your desktop or your quicklaunch...
  14. kantiman

    How to hide tray icon

    Can anyone tell me how to hide the tray icon. I mean a single tray icon and not the whole system tray. I know the hide inactive icons method. Is there any other method. I read the registry tweak to hide all tray icons in fast track on windows registry. Is there any tweak to hide a single icon...
  15. V

    Minimizing problem.

    Lately there's been a prob with windows on my pc. Whenever i minimize utorrent or DC++ it has to go to the tray right? Here it minimizes to the tray and appears on the taskbar also. This happens with all the programs. Whenever I use the Powermenu option minimize to tray, the same thing happens...
  16. go_gamez

    display is becoming sluggish..need urgent help..

    i dont know why but tilll today morning everything was proper...my desktop looked superb.. suddenly in the evening i saw that all the icons and quick launch buttons and the system tray buttons had some sluggish look and very unclear...and big.. also ..most of the written material ..in white (on...
  17. D

    How bring "connected icon" in the system tray in win 98?

    How bring "connected icon" in the System tray in win 98 in case of Broadband. I am using MTNL triband with a Router that is connected to my comp via usb, which is recognised as Remote NDIS device.
  18. T

    Windows Security Alert

    Hello , I have just formatted my PC and installed Win XP. Now the problem is each time i start my PC , a Windows Security Alert (Which has an icon of a red shield with a cross on it) comes up on my system tray and says "the computer might b at risk". It always pops-up on startup...
  19. A

    Customizing taskbar

    Are there any methods to customize the taskbar? Are there any skins for it ? Any method to hide all the items in the system tray?
  20. Gunner

    Eject and Load

    Just a question. On my friend's PC I saw that in my computer, when you right-click on the CD Drive, it gives an option called "Eject". When the tray is ejected, and we right-click on the CD Drive again, it gives the option "Load" instead of "Eject". But on my PC, when I click on "Eject" the CD...
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