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    I need your help about OCR Conversion I have a text image in the font style of "French Script MT". If i convert this text image in ABBY finder the out is not correct out put.

    so please kindly help me in this..

    kindly give me a suggestion to convert the in best manner.
    And then tell me how to do if we need to get text format. Its very urgent for me that’s I asking..
    This is my mail id sanji.parkshow@gmail.com

    Give me your mail id
    what? I have just asked you why are you so serious....
    By the way have you got any experience writing installers in python?
    write a program in python printing out the permutations of an inputed n bit binary number.ex:2 bit 01 10.When completed tell me
    I am reading 'A byte of python' and is really helping me
    can u tell a me a web resource where i can learn mathematical algorithms?
    hi harsh,

    Is python language necessary for a good programmer.I know only C and I am doing my project problems on it (and C++ ) also.Please suggest me.
    Also tell me how you learnt python(is it there in your college syllabus?).Here in Vishakapatnam I didnot find even a single institute teaching that.Instead they teach Perl.
    Please also tell me if learning different languages is must or working on a single one is best?
    Hi Harsh,
    I am on a mission to promote Linux and open source everywhere for the last 2-3 years. Currently,
    where to learn Python in Delhi ??? please help ...
    I and some of my company members want to learn Python soon for a new project. please suggest some institues/books/etc.
    can u pls help me out? i wanna join aptech c programming course.. is it gud?? is it worth?? whts the fee structure?? can u pls help me wid this...
    I'm very new to this... please help me!!

    waiting for ur reply...

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