1. nvrmndryo

    Suggest Good Internal Dvd writer for Pc .

    My 2009 Samsung Dvd Writer stopped working around 1 year ago , it was working fine but problem was I had to close tray manually but recently the tray was opening but not closing not even manually . Now I am looking for New DVD RW , which should be running for next 4-5 years .i Don't use DVD RW...
  2. sam9953

    HP Deskjet Printer not Picking up Paper from the tray

    Okay, this trouble started a few weeks back, when I suddenly noticed that my printer was not taking the paper in when I had kept the paper in the tray. If I don't give "a slight push to the paper" when the rollers are rolling for taking the paper in, the paper does not go inside the printer at...
  3. B

    ipad-2 problems

    I am having an apple 64gb ipad-2 3G, which is i think now not in warranty period.(I bought it from bangalore) The tray for the micro sim jammed when i was trying to install a sim in the ipad. The sim is inside the ipad and i used many household tools to pull out the tray, but its strictly...
  4. Prince Sinha

    System tray freezes

    Whenever I go to "Network Places" from Start menu, the system tray along with task bar freezes but everything on desktop works well, can have access to any application on desktop and even have an access to display properties.This taskbar and system tray keep on freezing until I change my theme...
  5. kool

    Modem is ON, but no data transfer.!!! Help me..

    Hi friends, I've win XP PRO SP2, 512 MB ram, i m connecting net via NOKIA 5130XM with pc suite (Airtel MO 2GB plan), prob is that after 15-20 min. My internet stop working, i mean no data transfer, and no pinging: REQUEST TIME OUT, and also XP theme auto changes to classic. And when i click on...
  6. Cool G5

    Not able to install any OS

    Guys now finally the LCD is working with my system but I'm not able to install any OS. My windows disk is heavily scratched & so I think its unable to copy files properly. My DVD drives being left idle for 3-4 months have developed tray problems. Tray doesn't open at all of my LiteOn drive. I...
  7. happy17292

    How to hide an icon from system tray?

    i want to hide the icon of utorrent from my tray icon. i tried "always hide" option on customize notifications. but i want it to completely invisible from tray. is there any freeware tool or shareware [torrent links please] by which i can hide the icon of utorrent from tray. it should have...
  8. prankie

    Tray closing automatically!!

    I own a Sony DRU-820 DVD-RW drive... the problem is that frm past few days whenever I press the eject button the tray pops out and then pops in automatically aftr 2 secs (sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't) and while the tray is out the light blinks continuously until the tray pops in.. what...
  9. S

    Problem With notification area

    I use a system which is on a network and its notification area (i.e system tray) is disabled. Only the clock appears on right end of the taskbar . Even When i right click the taskbar and go to properties the second option HIDE INACTIVE ICONS is also disabled.How do i enable my system tray...
  10. BBThumbHealer

    System Tray Gets Enabled On Its Own !

    Hi Everyone , I don't like the system clock , therefore , i have disabled it in the tray ... But everytime i log off or turn on my PC , it shows up on its own again .... Checked thoroughly for viruses but wasn't any ! So what can be the exact problem ? Thnx BBThumbHealer :)
  11. topgear

    How To Eject/Close CD/DVD Drive Tray With Desktop Shortcut

    By default windows only allow us to eject the CD/DVD drive tray from the explorer. But windows doesn't allow us to close the drive tray. There are software & tricks available that allows you to eject/close your CD/DVD drive tray. But to use them either you have to open up explorer or run a...
  12. D

    help! virus

    hi, my system slow down every 20 - 30 min after booting .. i found a problem in temp file named C:\LOGFILE.ETL . file size increasing in every second . after 20-30 min harddisk full notification come from tray . unable to delete .... help me screeshots ...
  13. evewin89

    sony dvd drive tray is not opening?

    I opened my sony dvd drive for cleaning its lens & after cleaning,I attached it back 2 the p.c but now its tray is not opening & its light is glowing all the time, guys plz help.:confused:
  14. yrana2002

    cd tray ejects automatically

    I have an acer 4520 aspiron laptop with DVD/CD combo drive... Lately ive discovered that my cd tray ejects on its own for some reason, very randomly at any time... Its not like its related to any particular program or anything.. and i cant figure out the reason for it
  15. G

    kinternet not work

    I hvae installed openSUSe11.Also configured PPPoE Broadband Internet Connection.Also install Kinternet from DVD.Then also Dial-in or Hang-Up option in system tray icon for Kinternet is not enabled.I cant connect or disconnect internet using Kinternet.
  16. P

    Hide tray icon

    I want to hide the icon from the system tray without stopping it's services. Pl suggest software or tips to hide tray icon.[/font]
  17. P

    Hide tray icon

    I want to hide the icon from the system tray without stopping it's services. Pl suggest software or tips to hide tray icon.
  18. yahooo.c0m

    DVD Writer problem

    hi guys. I am facing a strange problem with my dvd writer. It is a Sony DRU-820A one & half years old. I use nero 6 to burn dvds. nero shows a pop-up that burn process is completed successfully. Then when I enter the DVD in the tray , I can see all the files but cannot run anything. Whenever I...
  19. D

    Need a dvd writer

    I heard the samsung dvd-rw sh-s203 is good.but does it have any tray problems?how about lite-on?is it really noisy?what should i buy?budget-rs1300/-
  20. motobuntu

    System tray icons missing

    Friends, On my XP desktop I am no more able to see the system tray icons like the volume control, spybot's icon, av's icon etc. but when i connect to the internet I am able to see the icon for my net connection in the system tray. the option to hide inactive icons is also not checked. what can...
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