1. mail2abhi81

    Spice Mi 410: 4.1" 1Ghz affordable power Android power house

    Fellas, I came across this beautiful piece of report where Spice apparently pulled the sleeves off a Android device, which promises to give premium performance for budget pricing. Looks extremely good proposition, for upgrading from entry level (read till 10k) or first timers wishing smooth...
  2. KDroid

    Android Apps running on iOS

    Read it here... Android Apps running on iOS
  3. C

    Looking for Gingerbread 2.3 Phone under Rs.15000

    Hi All My Budget is under Rs. 15000. Display Size should be 3.5 to 4". Touchscreen/Touchscreen with slider keypad is fine. Is there any phone in which I can use Microsoft Excel like application in phone? Also, should be able to read pdf's. Will be using Internet too. Can i view youtube...
  4. Sarath

    Will 16GB card slow my phone?

    I own a SE Xperia Arc running Android 2.3.3 It came bundled with a 8GB card. However I want to replace it with a 16GB card as I feel I am going to fill it up quite soon. Now I have read that higher the capacity the slower the read times as the data has to be fetched in a much larger memory...
  5. Sarath

    How to Overclock?

    Hello everyone, I came here to look for any guides for overclocking and found none. Only found results or benchmarks which i do not understand. Can anyone guide me to a link that explains overclocking properly. I read an article about it in DIGIT long back but cant remember any. Also is...
  6. G

    Review : Samsung Galaxy S II

    The Samsung Galaxy S 2 has the weight of expectation crushing down on its skinny 8.49mm deep frame – and with an iPhone 5 possibly still half a year away, that’s a lot for one handset to bear. So does this Android 2.3, dual-core handset live up to the hype, and the hope? We’ve been testing it...
  7. A

    My DVD - RW drive not recognizing Digit DVD's

    I got my first Digit issue 2 days ago.. I love the magazine and topics covered and so much of information to read the whole month Now, I thought of playing the Digit DVD's on my desktop on my DVD - RW drive But its not recognizing the disks :( all other cd's are read and even DVD's...
  8. S

    Hard Disk Drive

    Hi Friends I have a laptop of Compaq 1GB Ram, 160 HDD, with Windows XP professional. suddenly my laptop unable to read HDD when i am trying to reinstall XP. But when I check it from bios it pass HDD self checking and also work with Ubantu Linux. but with xp my laptop did not read hdd. please...
  9. mitraark

    Too much HDD Usage?

    I share many files over DC++ [ somewhat similar to uTorrent ] in my college network. I upload constantly at 11 MB/s , and my PC runs for 15-20 Hours daily , so total upload is around 30x15= 450 GB atleast per day , i.e. , 450 GB of data is read from my HDDs per day. I have 2 TB WD Green HDD...
  10. wwwescape

    Samsung Galaxy S GT Black I9003... a good option???

    Hi, I am finally looking to replace my Sony Ericsson K750i of 5 years. I have a budget of Rs. 20,000/- and am very keen on buying the Samsung Galaxy S GT Black I9003. I've heard and read that the Samsung Galaxy S GT Black I9003 is an awesome phone. I wanted some true opinions on the same...
  11. B

    Problem With LightScribe DVD Drive!

    About 2 years ago, I got an Acer Aspire 1450 CD DVD RW Drive Burner, with a LightScribe DVD SuperMulti Drive/CD-Writer. When I first got the PC, the drive was working great, I was able to watch DVDs on the computer, play games, listen to music, but then after about a year and a half, it started...
  12. lordirecto

    Is Senheisser CX 200 worth it?

    I am creating this new thread after reading a few threads in this Audio section. My question is the title, is my CX 200 worth it? To be more elaborate, I first had a Creative EP 630, which got damaged because of my carelessness. I then came across an online deal in sify shopping where I found...
  13. Rockstar11

    What card reader do you use?

    What is the Best Card Reader? I want to buy Card reader. 1. I want to know that which card reader is best? 2. read/write speeds? USB 2.0 3. and price of card reader? it should be able read all types of memory card available. like Smartmedia, CompactFlash. Mini SD card.. etc thanks
  14. utkarsh009

    ganged vs. unganged mode

    hey guys! as you all know i have upgraded my desktop, i have a question. when i boot up i see ddr3 unganged after startup. what are ganged and unganged and which one is better? read somewhere that ganged means dual channel setup. how do i swith between them?
  15. A

    blue screen error

    Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 1033 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: a BCP1: 00000001 BCP2: 00000002 BCP3: 00000000 BCP4: 82CA039F OS Version: 6_1_7600 Service Pack: 0_0 Product...
  16. H

    Auto Focus in Nokia N8??

    Hello everyone. I am thinking to buy a Nokia N8.I want to know whether there is the auto-focus feature in N8 to take images of near objects clearly.For example if I take the picture of the small sized text in a newspaper, will the image be good enough for the text to be read clearly.I know that...
  17. @

    My Nook Color

    [ Copy pasted from my blog ] I wanted to buy an iPhone 4 but ended up buying NOOKColor [Thanks to Apple India]. My requirements were reading ebooks and internet surfing along with loaded OS device, hence I decided to get NOOK Color and I believe, I made the best decision. And it is a sweet...
  18. vickybat

    Core i7 2920xm beats i7 980x

    Yup you read that correct guys. Here's the proof.
  19. W

    External HDD problem in Window7

    Whenever I connect my 320GB Seagate external HDD to my windows 7 machine it connects then disconnects and then reconnects. This process goes on and I am not able to read or write any data on it. Same HDD works fine on my laptop with Vista. Plz help
  20. bubusam13

    Buying acording to requirement

    Hi, I need a new cell phone as my N72 got old and I'm a bit irritated with it. I need a phone according to my requirements. I have no brand restrictions. requirements: GPS, very good messaging (preferably qwerty), should be able to read pdf (N72 also have this option) [ 3G is welcome...
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