1. M

    Dvd writer not burning any disc

    :cry: Whenever I try to insert a blank disc inside my dvd writer it takes a huge time to read it and I tried ti burn data by nero through it .. It took 15 hrs to do that..Even after that there was no data inside the dvd... The dvd writer can however read the data..I've tired every possible...
  2. ico

    *** Graphic Card Buying Advice TEMPLATE ***

    Tips for answering the template questions. First and the foremost, if you are creating a thread asking for a new graphic card you HAVE to mention the EXACT company, make and model of your Power Supply (SMPS). Specifications would be helpful too. "i have a 400w power supply" --- this is wrong...
  3. T

    have you heard of a paleo diet plan?!

    sounds weird but my buddies says it is true and that it is reliable and effective, right at this very moment i have been searching about this, but i have not read about the whole stuff thoroughly yet. i really like to know more about this stuff. if you have any information please tell me. thanks!
  4. kool

    I'm *NEW* to CAT-2012, need help expert suggestion for Books & Newspaper.

    Guys, I dont know where to ask this question so i'm asking here. I'm totally new to any competitive exam, recently i joined IMS coaching for CAT-2012 & for other MBA entrance exam. I'm BBA 2nd year student (SMU-DE). And i'm facing problems in GD and Presentation in IMS class.Teachers gives...
  5. vickybat

    New Xbox With Six-Core CPU and “Dual-GPU” From AMD (Rumour Analysis)

    Guys the title says everything. Its a rumor but you know its possible. Read more here. The announcement is scheduled for jan 2012.
  6. marvelousprashant

    How To Use The Built-In Card Reader of your Laptops

    Most of you might be knowing this already. But still I am writing this so that it might be helpful to some first-time users. Introduction : Most of the laptops in market today have a card reader. If you read the full specifications you'll see something like "6-in-1 card reader" or "9-in-1...
  7. techking_dinesh

    Stuck with Shell prog in linux

    Hello, I have just started learning sh in linux I am using backtrack 5 When i run the following file, i get some error regarding case or in Kindly guide me wat the error is Waiting to knw where i went silly Regards
  8. mithun_mrg

    New 560Ti unique design from palit

    yes its a 560ti;-) palit by mithun_mrg, on Flickr read the full review here Palit GeForce GTX 560 Ti Twin light LE review
  9. NewsBytes

    Nokia Symbian Belle walkthrough and NFC Live demoes [Video]

     Here are some videos from the Nokia Symbian Belle phone launch event. You can read about the individual phones here and get more dough on the new features in Symbian Belle here  ...
  10. S

    logitech speakers

    hey,, i want to buy 2.1 speakers around 2.5 thousand. i am not a bog audiophile but like to listen to songs and watch movies. i just got a demo of logitech z323 speakers. i have read a couple of reviews on z313 (which has a wired remote control). pls help me to select among the two.. :)
  11. S

    Some specific questions on choosing between HP dv6 6121 and its siblings.

    Hi. First off, I'll just say that I found a wealth of info over the past few days reading over the posts on this forum, so thanks to all those who participated in those discussions and providing various points of view. Please don't be put off by the size of this post! I tried to structure it...
  12. Siddharth_1

    Can DVD Drive read Blu-ray disc?

    I wanted to know, can my computer's DVD drive(Samsung 22x) read Blu-ray discs?
  13. mithun_mrg

    Ra-One the game

    After amir its shahrukh the game is comming on PS2&3 this September read more here PlayStation Games: - RA.ONE: The Game
  14. N

    Game Wiki

    We all love games,However, How many of you read Game wiki pages on Wikipedia ? Its really fun and feels good to know what went behind the scenes for the game you played and loved it. Would like to know if any of our TDF members love reading game wiki once they finish the game. If you have...
  15. vickybat

    Sad But True: Battlefield is Too Hardcore to Overthrow Call of Duty

    The title says it all. I guess i don't have much to comment on this. So better read it guys: Source
  16. Rohan_B

    LG Optimus One, Galaxy SL or Nexus S?

    Hi I am looking to buy a phone strictly under 20K. I considered LG Optimus Black, Nexus S and Galaxy SL. Also the iPhone 3gs but its way too old now!! So please tell me which one should i get?? According to what I have read the Optimus Black is the best looking and most powerful!! So please...
  17. D

    Some c++ books for sale

    HYA , I'm selling some C++ books , all these books are once read and like new without any tear or shelf wear. The list of books i am selling are: Design Patterns : elements of reusable object oriented software - Erich Gamma C++ FAQs : Marshall P. Cline More Exceptional C++ : Herb...
  18. R

    Suggestions for UPS

    Hi, Can anyone please suggest an UPS for the following system configuration? 1. AMD Phenom II x6 1055t 2. Gigabyte GA-880G-UD3H 3. G.Skill Ripjaws F3-12800CL9S-4GBRL 4. Corsair VX450W 5. Cooler Master Elite 430 6. 500GB seagate SATA 7. 24" LED AOC monitor I read some posts and it...
  19. jkultimate

    Is this a Faulty Drive???

    K., I have a LG h55n dvd drive. About one moth, it does not read Digit DVD's. About 2 weeks it does not read Original DVD's like my motherboards Driver DVD, Original Games DVD, Original Movies DVD. But It READ local DVD's like dvd's that writed from ma Pc, or Ma friends Pc. Wat will be...
  20. bubusam13

    How to burn-in?

    I may sound funny to some but I really don't know how to burn-in because I have never done so. Saturday I received my IEM SoundMagic MP21 and I want to burn-in them. I read, many in this forum mentioned burn-in improve sound quality.
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