1. saras

    Read only lock for Pendrive

    Hello pals, i own a 8GB Transcend pendrive. I am happy with the product but the thing is... i am afraid to use it in other systems since i dont know whether those systems are infected or not. And there were situations when i carried my presentation in the pendrive and the moment i inserted in...
  2. W

    IIT JEE Books

    Can anyone please give me the list of books which i should read for competing IIT JEE? With Regards Jatin Jha
  3. ring_wraith

    Lyrics on w760i

    Hey. Is there any software which I can install on the w760i which will let me read lyrics while listening to songs? Preferably something that can read embedded lyrics.
  4. J

    New Linux Genuine Advantage™

    Read all about the new Linux Genuine Advantage™ program here.
  5. Faun

    Which DVD writer to buy?

    I need a decent DVD writer which can read discs easily and write without any errors. I already have a Sony DVD writer but it fails to read discs even with slightest scratches. Is there any advantage in SATA DVD writers ? Please tell me the prices too. Which brand DVDs are good for data backup...
  6. Worried From Bugs

    [Tutorial] -Transform Windows XP into Mac Os Leopard without using Customization Pack

    Read Full Article at here
  7. b_man

    Burning an image file to disc gives me coasers: Vista SP1

    Here's the situation. My desktop's HDD croaked (seagate is no longer my trusted croaked in about 3 years only!), and hence i had to get my laptop out that has vista pre-installed (legal). I bought the WD 1 TB caviar HDD but in order to format it and create partitions, i have to burn...
  8. sushan

    Xpi file reader

    I am looking for XPI file extension reader which I have i.e.facebook_toolbar-1.0.2-fx+fl.xpi is as.i have gone through google but it doesnot work,pls how to read that file and install that file. Appreaciation is yours. Sushan
  9. hellknight

    Congress says 8 Oscars part of UPA Govt's achievement

    I can't believe how much Indian Politics has fallen.. read yourself and please read the comments on this news.. they're hilarious Source
  10. C

    Virus / trojan / malware problem.

    Myproblem: My system is infected with some virus or a trojan. Also, i was not able to set the "Show hidden files" in folder option & i feel it is related to my problem. Detail: In all my drives, there seems to be 2 files with attributes: S H R File 1: autorun.inf [AutoRun]...
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