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  1. M

    Corsair *new* VX/TX series build quality issues

    This was not expected of Corsair.:evil: Why do good companies resort to such marketing gimmicks. Especially for corsair reps...;) read this article from overclock:cry: http://www.overclock.net/power-supplies/898000-corsair-tx-line-changed-secret.html a bold investigation going on...
  2. M

    which one to choose hd 6870 or gtx 470..

    hey.. planning to get one rig but problem with choosing the gpu. i read like 470 and 6870 are almost the same and i belive 470 is 1k more than the other. and this cost diffrence aint matters. so which one is the best among them
  3. I

    nfs hot pursuit 2010

    guys did anyone play this game? i read it somewhr that this is highest rated nfs even.
  4. The Sorcerer

    Kingston SSDNow 30GB desktop upgrade kit Review

    2010 is the year where we have seen a lot of roadmaps, launches, rev. versions, chipsets, competition and new type of hardware/ softwares launched, ultimately being beneficial for end users with specific needs and/or desires. This is the year of the tiger and as the chinese believe that Just...
  5. leo61611616

    Google Music India Live Now

    Google India has launched it's online music portal in partnership with In.com and Saavn.com. Here you can listen to both old and new songs from Bollywood movies and music albums. Read More Here
  6. T

    New iPod Lineup

    On 1st September 2010, Apple Co. Upgraded their iconic iPod Lineup. Here are the details:- Apple iPod Shuffle- The new iPod Shuffle comes in a variety of 5 Brillant colours, namely "Gleaming silver", "Blue", "Green", "Orange", &"Pink". iPod Now has 15 Hrs. of battery life Read More...
  7. stonecaper

    [Please Suggest]What more To Do?

    Hi all I Am a English honors Graduate.I Then Passed my A Level and Lately have finished My SCJP Too. Please Comment on What Should i do next To get a Decent IT Job ASAP I am 25 years old I Read Somewhere In the threads that CTS Takes B level Students Does it consider A levels too...
  8. N

    Problem while e-mail reading in php

    I am want to read email using php. I am using following code, $body = imap_fetchbody($imap, $id, "1"); echo"$body"; But it gives me unreadable message contents like, --001636af01dbc45b8d048bc1671d Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 [image...
  9. I

    Ebook reader suggestion

    hello fellow tech freaks, I am Manoj, doing second year B. Tech CSE at NIT - Trichy. I intend to buy an ebook reader that would mainly be used to read academic text. Since I have a considerable number of pdf files of subject books, I believe that investing in an ebook reader would make reading...
  10. justme101

    cannot install xp over windows 7..!!

    hey guys....my friend had windows xp installed on his pc..which was working fine...but after windows 7 was released he decided to switch over and installed windows 7 without checking the hardware compatibility...Initially it ran smoothly but after lots of programs were installed it got too...
  11. V

    Software to read word,pdf, webpage files as audio

    Hi friends I want a software which can read out the word/pdf files which I open in audio format and also is there any add on to do the same in browser to read the contents of webpage
  12. R

    Android internet connection

    I just bought a HTC Wildfire(Android phone).I have a vodafone connection.I can use the browser using vodafone live.But the market,maps,etc do not work with vodafone live.I read about activating vodafone mobile connect but it costs 200Rs per month.What are the alternatives?
  13. NewsBytes

    test by durgeshlllllllllllll

    dsfsdfsdfs dsfds sdf sdf sdf sd fsd f sdf s... To read the full news article, click here
  14. A

    help me in catcing wifi signals...

    hi guyz... I've got some wifi hotspots at about half a km from MY home... I want to get those signals... I've read about some antennae (or some other device) which help to catch wifi singnals from distant hotspots... Plz help me out guyz...
  15. prttal

    Read this in Digit June 2010.

    I read this community page in this month's digit and also looked into the Community DVD. I also checked out those 7 taskbar applications but unfortunately I use XP. I wanted to ask that how do programmers access the windows taskbar and change its properties? Also is it possible in XP and can...
  16. T

    how to read sms on pc

    I want to find a sms from my iphone, but there are so many sms in my iphone. So I want to read it on pc. Is there a way can help me? ———————————————— PS: I have read one way on Tutorial for iPhone software
  17. G

    DVD Writer not detecting CDs

    Hi guys. I have a Dell XPS M1530 which has a slot load drive.... Just recently I realized that it is not detecting CDs. I am able to write DVDs, read DVDs and even write CDs but the CDs can't be read! The written CDs are detected on other comps but not mine :( I have updated the BIOS to the...
  18. rhitwick

    Sticky request

    Enough is enough! I want the following threads to be made a sticky in "Discussion" section. 1>Must Watch Movies 2>Must Read Books 3>Song you are listening
  19. G

    Google mistakenly collects private data from Wi-Fi networks

    ha ha read the article: http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Google_mistakenly_collects_private_data_from_Wi-Fi_networks
  20. B


    How to get Vista to recognize and read a Ubuntu partition? A friend of mine has installed Ubuntu on his PC alongside Vista. He would like to know how he can get Vista to read and recognize the Ubuntu partition, so he can share and transfer data between the two. Any ideas please...
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