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  1. bhushan2k

    whoz better?? safari or chrome for mac osx??

    We know that Google chrome is fastest ever browser on Windows platform but when we are dealing with Mac OS X Safari is 12% faster than Chrome beta. Read this article: http://bit.ly/58BjAU and give your opinions.. also gv retwit if u like..:smile:
  2. comp@ddict

    Tired of this user...

    I know this is not allowed according to forum rules but I've grown completely tired of this one user "Krow"... uptill a few days ago he wasn't even there and now he goes on and contradicts every single post of mine and I dunno talks what rubbish and **** but still thinks that he's right...
  3. rajeshjsl

    megaupload direct download trick

    read here the trick , only 2 lines ! http://askrajesh.info/wordpress/?p=829
  4. ssk_the_gr8

    Using more than 3gb of ram with 32 bit windows vista/ 7

    I have read on various sites that 32 bit windows cant use all of 4 gb of ram . It only detects 3 to 3.5 gb of ram. I have also read that if we enable PAE then it is possible to use all of 4 gb of ram. Some places i have read that we have to use 64 bit windows as a solution. So if anyone could...
  5. ritesh.techie

    Share what you read @ Facebook

    Many time you read a nice article on the net which you want to share with your friends but the sad thing is the site doesn't provide any social bookmarking option. Sharing with facebook just need a one click, lets know how first go to http://www.facebook.com/share_options.php There you...
  6. S

    regarding of DVD writer

    hi frnds i m faceing a problem regading to my DVD writer . the problem is that "it cant read all CD or DVD's" out of 10 cds it read only 3-4 cd rest it cant read however d brand of cd are to b same. so is it the problem of my DVD writers, plz help me how can i solve it
  7. arpanmukherjee1

    codec programming

    hello people, i want to built a codec of my own particularly in C#. basically , i input a AVI or and other video+audio encoded file and render it on the screen without and third-party coded DLL, just purely programming. i read the "Coded Programming Guide" in the MSDN but did not find any...
  8. A

    Is your Palm Pre spying on you?

    Users of the Palm Pre were shocked by reports that the popular little handset periodically phones home with details on where you are, and what you're doing. Is Palm up to no good, and is it the only phone manufacturer that's gathering your info? Read On
  9. Cool G5

    Starting a new forum

    I'm planning to start a forum on my site. For the same purpose, I have selected Phpbb as the forum script. I have started reading up & searching the web regarding phpbb but still I have some queries. 1) Where can I get the high quality free phpbb3 styles i.e. themes/templates? I searched a lot...
  10. F

    Cant Find Digit Fastrack OSP

    Read about it in the magazine...is it not up yet? The link leads to sitemap...
  11. ay_aceoo7

    help plz....

    administrator has prohibited access to cd/dvd rom drives......and my pc wont read any cd or dvd's .....wat's the problem?....if anyone know plz help....
  12. Pravas

    Burn't DVD's Wont Read After Ejecting

    Hi all..i am using Nero 8 for burning my DVD's... so yesterday i burnt a couple Data DVD's with the option checked"Do not eject the disk after the Burn is complete".... so this is what exactly happening....after the disk burn is complete ..i can check the content of the disk and the moment i...
  13. hellknight

    Apple may dump nVIDIA

    Looks like it is time for more trouble for nVIDIA.. as they are already getting their butt kicked by AMD in each and every category.. this comes like a big bouncer to them.. Apple may dump them.. Read On
  14. pr.itdude

    where r we going......?? is it gud or bad...??

    In todays newspaper...i just read this...... "buddies on bed" y dont go for someone else when u can satisfy or fulfill ur needs with ur friends.......its all abt need today....!! Read the complete article...
  15. NewsBytes

    Nokia N97 Widgets [Search for N!]

     a... To read the full news article, click here
  16. NewsBytes

    dfg dfghdf

    sdf sdfg sd ... To read the full news article, click here
  17. MetalheadGautham

    DDR3 Memory Scaling - Which clockspeed is right for you ?

    This is a must read for all those who are considering buying different memory speeds for their new DDR3 motherboards. Compared are 800MHz, 1066MHz, 1333MHz and 1600MHz. Highly interesting results. Read On: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/phenom-ii-ddr3,2319.html
  18. icecool

    Digit DVDs not working

    I received the Digit Magazine yesterday and the two DVDs included in it were unreadable on my computer while They were working fully on my cousin's computer. My DVD drive is able to read all other DVDs like Movie DVD and Song DVD but it is not able to read the Digit DVD. Someone Help??
  19. VarDOS

    Make Your CD-ROM Read DVD's

    Make Your CD-ROM \ CD-RW To Read DVD’s To Watch Movies [MOD YOUR CD-ROM] There Are Two Types Of CD-ROMS That Can Be Modded 1) 24x – 40x 2) 40x – 52x Drives From 2x – 24x Are Too Old, So They Cannot Be Modded We Have To Go With Laser Head Adjustment The Track Pitch Of CD’s Is 1.6...
  20. R

    All files read only????? (Win XP)

    Hello. I have a maxtor 250GB hdd and i use utorrent to download songs on it. From the last two days i have a very annoying problem. All the files in my folder named "songs" are marked as read only and so i cant edit their tags. In disk manamgment window it shows status of (250 gb hdd) as...
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