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  • Hey man.. sorry I totally forgot about your post.. my dad using it only now and then I don't use it.. he says it too loud :p
    I heard them only for a min or so. It's fine for the price but since my other IEMs are Braiwavz M1 and Klipsch X10, I don't think I can listen to <1k earphones anymore and like them. But then at a price of just 470 they are a steal.

    If I have to say anything then it would be to avoid sub 1k earphones and get something like the M1 / TF twinwooders / Senn CX-180
    If you really want an entry level IEM then get the SoundMagic ES18 which is getting rave reviews. Seems to be the best entry level earphone.
    actually i wanted to hide the movies i have seen from the imdb advanced tile search results(imdb provided a option to skip titles in watchlist only before - now it allows all the lists) while seiving out new movies to watch
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