1. Sathish

    Who are you..

    Hi digitians.. this poll is one my oldest dream to find out the digit readers/forum members by their age.. So please spend a second to help me to find my long time awaiting ino I think, it will be useful for forum members as well as moderator. please poll who are you..!!!!!!!!!
  2. Raaabo

    [By Demand] Fast Track Topics

    Which one of the topics mentioned in the poll would you like to get as a Fast Track. If the topic you want is not listed in the poll, please post and request it.
  3. cooldudie3

    NOD32 antivirus v.s. Kaspersky antivirus

    This is the true debate for the two top antiviruses in the world. Post on the poll and leave a comment.

    What's your favourite olympic event ?

    Mine swimming If ur sports is not present here so plz write here i want add more poll option but maximum poll option is only 10
  5. layzee

    The best graphics card under 7K

    Today the mid-range graphics card market has many interesting cards. Please help im selecting one by voting in the poll.
  6. S

    Apache RTR FI or Pulsar 150 DTSi???

    Hi frns, I wanna buy a bike next month(or may be this by last week of this month) but I'm very confused about which one to buy.All bikers,bike enthusiasts,pros and guys with biking knowlegde kindly help me in selecting.I'm also attaching a poll with this post just to have an overall idea of...
  7. Cyrus_the_virus

    How old are you?

    I thought it was a good idea to know the different age groups that use this forum and which one is more, so as the title suggests, participate in the poll. When you take the poll, if you are for example 23.5, then it's considered as 23 and not 24. PS: I think this should be a sticky so...
  8. cooldudie3

    Apple thread whether to keep profiles or not

    Aayush the writer of the thread, created profiles for every mac fan. He said it was a bust. I want to help him decide by getting the digitians ideas Here is a poll, will close in 60 days.:D Thx guys! P.S. Microsoft fans keep away
  9. vamsi_krishna

    what are the other gaming forums you are actieve on?

    hello gamerz, I want to know in which gaming forums you are actieve other than digit. Please reply. I don't want to minimize the scope of the question by placing a poll. So, simply post a reply about what is the other gaming forum you are using.
  10. dheeraj_kumar

    How many of YOU guys can COOK?

    My mom left to office, and asked me to make myself roast potatoes for the chapathis, so I was wondering how many of you people can cook, since this is a almost male dominant forum. Please vote in the poll, and dont post dumb stuff like "i can cook" "i cant" since thats what you answer in the...
  11. S

    is this genuine?

    I got this as PM. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi, I'm Samir Makwana, Writer with DIGIT Magazine. DIGIT is India's largest circulating technology magazine. We've a section called Opinion Poll that we carry every month in our Magazine. In Opinion Poll, we...
  12. Raaabo

    Fast Track 2.0?

    Hey Everyone, We're just looking for some feedback about Fast Track, so apart from taking part in the poll, please leave comments as well. Raaabo
  13. vish786

    Take Part... In Multi Poll

    Let your voice be heard.... Multi Voting. http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/2007-linuxquestions.org-members-choice-awards-79/ Note: This has nothing to do with spam/advertising.
  14. Asfaq

    February 2008 - Opinion Poll

    What are your views on electronic publications? a) You just can’t beat the feel of paper b) I only read small articles online; it’s still print for me c) I’d rather read the electronic version than not read at all d) Dump paper! Save the trees! Make Digit an e-mag! Don't forget to...
  15. Gigacore

    Y r u Foruming?

    Hi members :) Just made this thread to know what usually people do foruming . . . i'm very curious :) Vote the poll and comment. . I do for gaining more knowledge and to make new eFriends :)
  16. Raaabo

    November 2007 - Opinion Poll

    The Full Question: What do you think of government imposed security measures in cybercafés, such as key loggers, ID checks and security cameras? Please answer the poll AND post your opinion as well. Example Answers: I vote b), because it's OK to ensure that nothing shady happens in...
  17. praka123

    What Linux distribution would you most like to see supported on a ThinkPad?

    There is an on-going poll on Lenovo blog regarding this.Go and Vote if ur a lenovo thinkpad user(or not!).the same way dell ideastorm worked earlier to select Ubuntu as the choice of distribution to carry,in Lenovo poll Ubuntu is leading the poll 53% voted for Ubuntu.infact all other distros are...
  18. orc

    How much do you travel to your workplaces

    Travelling over 60 kms to my office that totals 5 hours daily makes me wonder how much you people travel to your workplaces. Maybe we can have a poll on this? I live in bangalore and work as a software engineer for my livelyhood, if that interests you.
  19. Y

    Which is your preferred medium of transferring data?

    I just read an article about fast changing storage world of PCs. So here's a simple poll: Which mode of transfer do you prefer the most?
  20. Gigacore

    Rate my forum, please

    Hi guys its still a new forum. tell me what you feel about the forum layout and topics. and also vote the poll. www.pcchitchat.com
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