[By Demand] Fast Track Topics

Which of the following topics would you like a Fast Track on?

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Which one of the topics mentioned in the poll would you like to get as a Fast Track. If the topic you want is not listed in the poll, please post and request it.
awssome poll
I want a linux part two too.

I select all programming languages (non gui ones) because they rarely change.

And yes, a fast track to GIMP would be AWSSOME. Everyone can become a pro image editor if only there were good offline books on GIMP.


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Wow. The topics look great. I can be sure that the next month (or the one after that) will have a very good pdf.


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hey i dont want a fast track of certain software but on other topic that is useful to every one as everybody dont use visual basic C++ etc.
so a fast track on latest upgrading, gaming, and latest gadgets would be better


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Fast tract should not be as general application's help (ie. photoshop/gimp).. lot of online helps/free ebooks are in the Web..
Instead, it should cover common technologies with deep analysis...
such as follows;
2.Sound Techniques
3. Linux System Administration
4. Windows System Administration
5. Web design (it may be describe how to create a website using simple coding/e)
6. Networking models (it may be describe the seven layers(OSI) in detailed)
7. Technologies in and around other than Computers. (bcoz digit as a Tech.Navigator)
8. Analyzing Media Formats (CD/DVD/HD DVD/BR/etc.)
9. Script Languages (such as windows script/etc)

Krazy Bluez

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I agree with you guys but for me Fast track to Windows XP was the best I liked in the series, so a second version giving more advanced details to this old OS might be helpful to the newbies and experts alike, for example giving about modifying resources to customize using Hex tools or Hesource Hacker, etc....

If possible I would request you to give Fast Track to Photoshop Advanced with more "workshops" and "tutorials"...like the last time you've given us to make effects like Vista's Glass Effect and some cool text effects like the "Text go BOOM" one.....
please add some more of like this.


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Why not to explore new technology in market...I would suggest some fundamentals (and in depth articles subsequently) about Microsoft "Popfly", I found that one groundbreaking.


I would like to have fast tracks on

1. C# or java.
2. Using PHP in Dreamweaver.
3. trick digital photography by ordinary manual camera(like canon sx110is).
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