1. L

    Rate the digit issues

    Hello Frnds everyone knows digit has been a good mag in it but from last year i think digit is focusing on money rather than satisfaction of their customers filling the mag with the crap flowing over the net only useful article according to me is "take a crack" there is a feed back topic...
  2. rakeshishere

    The Web's Ten Most Irritating Words

  3. pritish_kul2

    how to put a poll?

    do u know how to put a poll in a thread? what is VFM? and what is pros and cons?
  4. ankushkool

    Biggest brand name???

    which acc 2 u is de most popular brand name relaten 2 it/electronics??? POLL
  5. xbonez

    vote for the best antivirus

    i'm planning to get myself a new anti-virus solution so i thought i'll do a little research before buying one to see which is the best [due to limitation of ten poll options some good anti-virus softwares may have got left out. plz let me know if u prefer some other anti-virus s/w]
  6. aj27july

    Favourite linux distro poll

    which is your favourite linux distro??
  7. nileshgr

    Which is better? GOOGLE DESKTOP OR COPERNIC?

    Guys, vote in this poll for which is better Copernic Desktop Search or Google Desktop Search?
  8. pritish_kul2

    posting a poll

    how to post a poll?
  9. windrider

    [Poll] Retail Games - Expensive or Not?

    Do you think retail (original) games are too expensive in India? Please vote in the poll! Also post your reasons for your choice.
  10. sourishzzz1234

    Core2Duo 3.0 Ghz Poll

    Do u wish to switch to Core2Duo 3.0 Ghz:cool:
  11. Ray

    How do u post a poll?

    How do we post a poll here?There is a option to include a poll but how do we give the options.Like yes or no, etc.
  12. ssk_the_gr8

    ashampoo burning studio 2007 vs nero

    posted it twice by mistake plz check the other thread it also has a poll
  13. nikhilrao

    What is your Height ?

    What is your Height ? Lets take a poll and see whats the 'mode-avg' ht of the forum members is. :-) i am 5'7"
  14. Tech Geek

    Do u have a pirated XP, 9X, 2000,Linux

    IT is a poll i have made to know how many of u use a pirated version of Xp, 9X, 2000, Linux
  15. S

    Which is the most stylish?

    Go ahead! Poll ur style!
  16. bizzare_blue

    Adding a poll to website

    Hi...I m a novice in website development and want to add a simple poll on my website and want that the results can only be seen by me i.e. some sort of login mech. for administrator. I found some free poll scripts on net but they required knowledge about installation & implementation of...
  17. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Which is best Technology website

    Which is best Technology website 1. tom's hardware 2.Anandtech 3.techtree 4.daily tech ---- Tom is best ---- I think i did some mistake in poll , sorry for that
  18. santu_29

    best strategy game

    whats ur fav strategy game? Anyother than the ones listed, pls quote them below. hah! seems i cant reedit the poll
  19. Y

    best laptop brand

    choose ur poll option :D
  20. D

    im a student in school and i need a laptop

    im a student but i need my own computer for research for my projects. im thinking of using this for atleast 10 yrs. can you recommend a goood :) one from a reputed brand for a budget of 40,000. :lol:. also pls vote on my poll, coz im thinkaing of buying an ipod. so i wanna know how many people...
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