1. Deepankur19

    POLLBOOTH: A survey to serve HONOR

    With the sole aim of Honor Hub to get transparent and effective feedback. Let us help Honor get our message received via this poll. Please vote in an unbiased manner. Also comment the reason for your selection. Disclaimer: The intent is to garnish the improvements in future Honor products in...
  2. Zangetsu

    [Join] Dead Trigger 2 channel

    Hi Guys, I have just started Dead Trigger 2 and i know some of you folks are already been there. So, lets add each other as frnds to save the world from zombies Btw I am addicted to DT 2 now. Note: I have also added a poll to check how many of you actually play DT 2 Comment on...
  3. ankush28

    Automobile Engineering vs. Mechatronics?

    In a dilemma, I like both subjects... Mechatronics is relatively new in college as well as MU. Which one should I take for a better future? Just vote in poll or give detailed pros cons if you have any Thanks.
  4. tkin

    One Plus One without official CyanogenMod OS: POLL

    Hey guys, Hope all of you are aware of this: The OnePlus One will ship without Cyanogenmod in India What it means? 1. The phone will come with CyanogenMod OS initially but no updates, they will be blocked by IMEI. If there is a bug then you have to go and flash a custom OS and get support from...
  5. Sarath

    How would you spend 40k on a gaming setup?

    It's 2013 and a beginning of a new era in gaming and end of another, and none of that for a PC gamer. Here is a poll that asks you, how would you spend, if you only had 40k, on a gaming system. The poll considers a hypothetical situation where you do not own any of the gaming consoles or...
  6. H

    The Mecha Thread of Gundam, Xenogears, Macross and more

    Use this thread to discuss anything related to mechs ranging from Anime & Manga to Movies & Videogames. To get started I'm creating a poll. From the following, what's your favourite mech? Eva 01 MS 06S Nineball Mechonis Xenogears(Fei's Mecha) Ideon Lancelot Air Cavalry Volkein ARX-8...
  7. RCuber

    Age Group of TDF Gamers

    Just a small poll. let see who is the majority.
  8. S

    Explorer or Galaxy y

    Just a general poll to see how smart you people really are.8-)
  9. CommanderShawnzer

    Are you a pirate or not?

    yup, thats the question. i want to make a poll with the following options 100% Legit Knight in AP armor 100% Pirate of the Indian Ocean semi-pirate mostly pirate,sometimes get legit stuff mostly legit,sometimes get pirated stuff if you're 100% legit(like moi) you can brag about it...
  10. Zangetsu

    Have you shifted to 3G from 2G?

    Guys thread with a Poll... Need comments of 3G..8-) Planning to move on to 3G.What ya all say :))
  11. N

    how do u feel when u r down in game?

    Participate in poll guys :)
  12. N

    Poll for CS fans :D

    participate in this poll guys :D
  13. doomgiver

    [poll] does my sig suck?

    is it really that bad? or just fine? <---- refer to this
  14. Sathish

    Need mobile version of digit forum....vote

    ####Need mobile version of digit forum....vote##### it is pretty useful that thinkdigit would have mobile version of thiis popular forum. If digit provide separte application for Iphone/Android/win7, it would create such pioneer move in india. Hence i make this poll to convey the request to...
  15. V


    Hi guys second edition of INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE to be played in south africa from 18 april. If you have any favourite team you are invited to take part in poll (above) and if you like please also share reason of your choice. My team- DELHI DAREDEVILS reason- most balanced team and have some...
  16. krates

    Adding polls to threads whenever you feel like....

    Well recently figured out this trick :) Result http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=106591 ^^ check out this thread there was not a poll there before... Requirements *You have to be the owner of the thread... Open your thread like...
  17. astroutkarsh

    Dates for Lok Sabha polls announced

    Hah.. After lot much fight between CEC and govt, Dates are declared for LS Poll. Its in 5 phases. Source: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/dates-for-5phase-lok-sabha-polls-announced/86612-37.html
  18. N

    Please help me! How to make a poll!!

    Hi guys, I want to do a poll in diGit Forum. How to do that :confused:. Please guide me :rolleyes:
  19. Sridhar_Rao

    Setting cookies in javascript

    I looked all around the web, but could not find an article simple enough (for dummies) on setting and manipulating session cookies. I have a poll running on PHP/MySQL and simple refreshing the page inserts the same data to the table. I don't want people to post again, so I want a session...
  20. pritish_kul2

    The meet on the net

    I m making a poll referring to this thread : http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=99184
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