1. M

    How to add pics to our pos

    hey all u techeis ou there i am a new member of the forum and waan know how to add pics under ou username when i post a reply as many of u have pics on extreme left of your posts. i also waan know that if u are able to read the last momnths poll results in feb's issue i.e. the poll on spyware...
  2. cooldip10

    Anti Virus!!

    Hi you may be using a very good anti-virus...But itz now time to rated them ...cause I don't know which one is the best.. Plz poll honestly!!! :lol:
  3. coolendra

    Is Sony Ericsson w800i worth buying for Rs. 25000 ?????

    hey guys how bout this poll ..........
  4. praka123

    How many are Using Debian and derviatives

    Hello Friends, Jus wanto know How many are using Debian GNU/Linux or its derivatives.please take the poll. :D
  5. S


    i remember one poll here but i could not find it now and that was not that descriptive(as it was poll) so i think i can post it as i am in trouble i have been using macfee for some time it seems that it provides better security than norton but it is much annoying that it need lots of updates...
  6. S

    Linux!! Which is your favorite flavour?

    I hope there has not been a similiar poll before. Anyways which is ur favorite distro??
  7. Aniruddh

    Which card will u like 2 buy???POLL

    heyy many of u mite not like this POLL but as the forum was really gettin borin wid the same questions-need help to build a nu rig,is sempron 64 bit?,wat is the price of this particular processor is it future proof...etc etc.so thought v shud hav a poll related to gpu.so plz giv ur opinion and...
  8. D

    Hard Disk Capacity

    tell your total hard disk capacity. Just for fun guyz. :D answer the poll
  9. A

    Tobias Reiper(Hitman) OR Sam Fisher

    So guys, I was wondering who do you prefer in a stealth Action game.. I am throwing a Poll here to check who got more Fans in the Digit Gamers Hitman aka Codename 47 aka Tobias Reiper OR Sam Fisher. Both Use stealth weapons..all low noise making gadgets. Hitman : Silenced...
  10. V


    here is the poll for you please answer this
  11. cooldip10

    Hey Watch Out of That Alien

    Heard About Alienware PCs.... They rock man ... 8) For more info go to the following site http://www.alienware.com/ After visiting plz poll:: :twisted: :twisted:
  12. I

    The Best First Person Shooter ever

    A game that redefined the genre.................... Which game was it according to u Give ur opinion in the poll........... The game that started it all
  13. cooldip10

    Hi PSP lovers!! Poll here

    Hi u all PSP lovers.. After reading the review of Play Station Portable in the DIGIT this month do poll here.... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  14. S

    Which is the best LINUX distro on DIGIT DVDs and few others?

    I thought why not conduct a poll on the best LINUX distro available.. All the options are of my knowledge and if there is a distro which you use and is not in the options, post the name and why do you think it is the best ? ? I have not given any versions, so you can consider the latest distro...
  15. I


    HOW WE CAN POST OUR POLL IN FORUM OR MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT :D :) :( :o :lol: 8) :oops: :P :twisted: :evil: :arrow:
  16. D

    Antivirus Poll

    Please Tell Me which Of these Is the best
  17. PrinceHeart

    POLL: Which Codec is BEST in your eyes ??

    Well, Here is a POLL. Lets see how many responses we can get. Peace
  18. N

    Linux Poll

    What's Your Favorite Linux Version?
  19. T

    revised poll for for web developers

    here is the revised poll. i dont know about any other. please let me know if i missed any.mind you, i dont know anything about any of the options. i just want to know which is the most popular as i want to go into this. p.s.:excuse me for my naiveness, but i read somewhere that the new options...
  20. T

    apoll for web developers

    well cast ur poll, but also add ur comments
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