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  1. Theodre

    Fuduntu Linux is dead, bulk of team moves to Cloverleaf Linux project!!

    The fuduntu linux which was forked from fedora is Officially dicontinued or Dead!! The developers were planning on this move for a long time ago and they were to stop the Fuduntu linux after one last update Fuduntu 2013.2. But before a few days, it seems that the developers have already Moved to...
  2. patkim

    HDD not shown - Linux Mint Live CD

    Recently just to explore Linux Mint 12, I created its live cd and booted into Linux directly from the CD (i.e. no hard drive install). While it loads and runs properly, it somehow does not show my HDD in the file system. I wonder if there’s something wrong. I would still expect the drive and...
  3. harshilsharma63

    Obstacles in shifting from Windows to Linux

    Hi, I was thinking what all could be the problems in making a complete shift from Windows to Ubuntu? I know games don't work in Linux (as of today), but is that it? Is that the only problem? Are there any other problems that one may face?
  4. T

    Making pen drive bootable from Linux for installing Windows 7

    I want to install Windows 7. Linux is already installed. Have copied all the setup files from computer to pen drive. Now only thing left is to make that pd bootable. In windows one can browse to the path of setup files from cmd & then run bootsect command. But the problem is how to do that from...
  5. emailvarunchandak

    installing Kali Linux over Backtrack

    hey guys, my current config is dual boot windows 7 and backtrack 5 r3. due to some changes, i will be now installing Kali Linux over backtrack. But I am not sure if the installation will hamper the Windows 7 boot. I need to replace backtrack completely (including the grub entry of it)...
  6. H

    Alienware releases Ubuntu gaming desktop

    Alienware X51 with UBUNTU Linux Year of the Linux desktop?:wink:
  7. ramakanta

    portable linux OS

    is there any procedure to make opensource Linux os portable , where double click and run the Linux os inside the windows os , ie without booting. please help me. thank you.
  8. ratul

    BackTrack Reborn - Kali Linux.

    Looks like this year's backtrack iteration will have a huge overhaul, and will no longer be called "Backtrack", but will now be called "Kali Linux", taking inspiration from i think "kaali maa :P" An excerpt from Backtrack's website: An excerpt from Offsec's website: Official Website: Kali...
  9. vaibhav23

    Problems in linux

    I am having a weird issue that ubuntu and linux mint both during live cd are not identifying one of my partitions and enlist a single partition as 406 gb although there should have been two different partitions. While installing I want to know whether I should create a 10gb partition in...
  10. saswat23

    Unable to install Linux anyway

    Guys I am facing problem in installing Linux. First time I tried it with my old mobo (P8H67-M EVO), I couldnt and its still continuing with my current mobo (P8H77-M PRO). It just shows till the selection of language, after selection some lines of code run and then my screen goes blank or I get...
  11. ramakanta

    Lists of Linux commands line

    There is a link to list of Linux commands from the book "Linux in a Nutshell" a lot of books can be found on the site too. Enjoy with Open source OS Linux Command Directory: Index
  12. prttal

    Linux USB boot gives "boot error"

    I am trying to live boot(and finally, make the thing persistent) Xubuntu 12.10 from 4gb usb. It has no partitions and has been formatted in fat32. Yes,I changed the boot order to boot from usb drive. When I boot into the usb it gives me a message "Boot Error", and pressing any key, boots back...
  13. P

    Compact PC using Mini ITX

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: On Linux I will be using Libreoffice, Scribus, Eclipse, QTOctave, Kicad, Bluefish, GIMP, Blender, Virtual Box, Openshot, Pitivi On Windows 8 I will be playing GTA IV, NFS Shift (I will be...
  14. ratul

    Career in IT Security, need guidance.

    Ok, so now my final sem in B.tech has started, and it's time for me to start building up my profile for the job.. I have the plans to go further in Ethical hacking, most probably in OS exploitation, VAPT, network security kinda stuff. I took a course in Networking Security, currently...
  15. ratul

    [PROJECT] Anybody having experience in Linux from Scratch?

    Ok, so for B.tech final sem project, me and my friend chose to make an OS using Linux from Scratch, but he does'nt have any experience in linux, and what i have is just a basic set of commands, so i am working on it, and currently making my linux concepts clear before proceeding.. We have alot...
  16. ramakanta

    IDM For Linux

    is there any IDM like download manager software available for ubuntu OS . if available please help me . Thank you.
  17. amrit1

    msata SSD and Virtualization

    I just bought an ultrabook- Lenovo U410. This ultrabook comes with an SSD and an HDD in RAID-0 configuration. SSD 24GB in size and is used for cache purpose by Intel Rapid Storage software which makes eveything from Booting to starting programs (like Chrome) very fast. Now I want to use linux on...
  18. kg11sgbg

    Linux Mint 14 (64-bit) facing issues!!!

    The Linux Mint-14(64-bit) a.k.a. NADIA is successfully running onto my Desktop PC,except two issues:---> 1). The mouse pointer freezes up,when I am in writing(keyboard user) mode.I have to click left/right button and then activate it to make functional. What problem is this? Any...
  19. D

    please help me to buy a laptop around 30K

    guys i'm planning to buy a laptop around 30K for normal home use use from malaysia and laptops in malaysia r quite cheap compared to india i'm thinking to go for dell inspiron DD2GN090 which cost 40K here in india and i can get it there around 30k Dell New Inspiron 15R Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/...
  20. ghantaukay

    Why Reliance 3G netconnect is not listed in Ubuntu 9.04?

    I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my netbook but there is no sound....neither can I connect my Reliance #G dongle to access the internet as it is not in the list. I am a linux newbie and I dont understand all those geeky languages you encounter in help forums. Can someone help me out here?
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