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  • I dont remember for all the items but primeabgb didnt charge any shipping charges and neither did theitdepot.
    You can always order from primeabgb / theitdepot / smc / mdcomputers. I think these sites quote cheaper price as compared to Amazon & Flipkart. I ordered the i5 6500, SSD from primeabgb, Zotac 1060 AMP and ASRock Motherboard from theitdepot, Seagate 2TB from theitwares. Oh I forgot to mention in the previous reply that I use CM Hyper 212x which I ordered from smc for 2.8k. I purchased the RAM modules, Corsair CX500M and CM K380 from SP Road, Bangalore.
    Yeah i5 6500 - 15.1k, Zotac GTX1060 6GB AMP - 24.5k, 2 x 16GB HyperX Fury DDR4 2133 MHz - 10.6k, Sandisk SSD Plus 240GB - 5.2k, Seagate 2TB HDD - 5.4k, Corsair CX500M - 5k, CM K380 - 3.8k, ASRock B150M PRO 4S - 5k, APC BR1000G-IN - 7.5k
    Yeah.. buyed it for one of my friend 4mnths ago n its running grt..
    they give full 2 years onsite warranty which covers battery too..
    apc mtek give only 1 yr warranty on battery..
    get it eyes closes..
    xda guru chainfire has developed an app to remove/reset the triangles.

    settings stopped? thats new. never heard of settings throwing an error. maybe try another hard reset. did the service center people installed any new app like antivirus?
    oh. i am not sure but maybe it had something to do with the bootloader or the data partition.

    if you flash rom again, its difficult to check if mobile is rooted. so its fine. those triangles act as flash counter. how many times you have flashed stock rom. may include how many times you rooted the mobile too.
    first try a hard reset. i don't know the key combo but if it solves the problem then fine else will have to flash stock rom using odin. the procedure is simple as you'll be flashing stock rom. just make sure pc/laptop doesn't get turned off during flashing as it may brick the device. Install stock rom.

    so the mobile is throwing error in the initial boot sequence like when you turn on mobile for first time after purchase?
    There are some other errors too. I dont remember but some errors are there in the specs of mobiles in the range of 5k-10k.
    some of the specs mayn't match with 91mobile as i copied the info mostly from blogs. flipkart & 91mobile both carries error regrading resolution & processor details. but will check and fix any error i find.
    Get the Zotac one as it is a proven brand and has well established service network in India. Gainward is not that well organized in India. Also with Zotac card. registering it within 14 days of purchase will give you extra 2 years of warranty.
    I'm not totally sure but you can try that .. that device is cheap but from a very good brand so there's no harm in give it a try.
    Recently I came to know it's electro conductive ( like AS5 ) hence won't suggest it .. using TF400 or DP Z5 is rather safe.
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