1. Skyh3ck

    remove GRUB, and boot direct to windows 7 Help ?????

    hi guys i have dual windows 7 and linux mint 17 i thought that switching to linux would be great, but everyday there was some kind of problem with linux, wifi, wine, update and so on, i tried it patiently to get used to it, but most of the time i was actually fixing things on linux instead...
  2. Skyh3ck

    SuperX - Linux OS from India

    i was searching for various linux distros, and found this wonderful and really good linux distro developed in India I have not used it, but will download a new copy when they releases a new version with updated software and latest kernel Super X Libresoft SuperX SuperX also...
  3. G

    Did you contribute to linux kernel?

    Anyone TDF involved in contributing code to Linux kernel or involved in kernel hacking? I am trying to contribute as newbie to learn about device drivers. :razz:
  4. rickenjus

    Installing Red Hat Linux 9 and triple booting

    Heys guys, I have windows 8.1 and 2000 installed on my pc. I wants to install red hat linux 9 now. I have already downloaded iso files from softpedia, they are total 6. Now is there any other way to intall these from pen drive or dvd instead of writing them to 6 individual cds. ??
  5. S

    Need help in both booting of linux and windows

    Windows 7 and ubuntu 12.4 is installed in my current system.Currently windows 7 is very much slow.So I have decided to reinstall the windows 7. But if I reinstall windows 7 then linux bootloader will be deleted.So there will be one boot option To make duel booting as now what should I do...
  6. Skyh3ck

    Want to install Linux Mint on already Dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu System !!!

    Hey guys I have a dual booting laptop with windows 7 and ubuntu, no i want to install Linux mint also, so i get Triple Boot system. Is it possible, how ? I have already created one more partition for linux mint, please tell me correct steps so i dont loose windows 7 and ubuntu. thanks
  7. josin

    An Operating System for Audiophiles.....

    An Operating System for Audiophiles.....Reinvent your old hardware and make it a stunning Hi-Fi Yes you heard it right....There is an OS for you. Its called Audiophile Linux (based on Debian mint) Well every one knows windows is not for an audiophile....of-course you can use wasapi /asio...
  8. Skyh3ck

    Wifi connected but no internet browsig on Ubuntu 14.04 LIVE and Linux mint 17 LIVE !!! Help

    Hi guys i am using live usb of Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux mint, my laptop is a Lenovo B490 with Broadcom wifi adapter, on both the distros i am able to connect to the wifi and its showing as connected, but i am not able to browse the net with firefox or any other broser there is no incoming data...
  9. N

    Linux Friendly Laptop

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a laptop that I will be running Linux (Fedora or Arch, most probably) and Windows (8/8.1). The minimum specs are: 1. 4 GB RAM 2. 500 GB HDD 3. Decent GPU for some gaming, running simulations and a a bit of not-too-heavy OpenGL programming 4. Atleast 2 - 4 USB slots...
  10. nac

    Installing windows 7 32bit virtally on Ubuntu 14

    I was asked to do a clean installation of OS as I was facing few problems. I couldn't find time to do it so far. I think I can do it by the coming weekend. So, I am thinking of installing Linux (Ubuntu). I have few queries to clarify before that... I have few software which have made to work in...
  11. ramakanta

    Edit GNU GRUB Boot Menu ??

    yesterday i have install linux mint 17 MATE along side windows 7 ultimate . but when start it shows GNU GRUB Menu with default start Linux Mint 17 MATE 32-bit, 3.13.0-24-generic . my point is i want to make Windows 7 as default start (in the first in GRUB menu) . is it possible ?? how??? Also...
  12. ramakanta

    An application like “Huawei Mobile Partner” for Linux Mint

    I have a Huawei Data card E177u ,but there is no Mobile Partner for Linux to install . Is there an application for Linux Mint 17which is like Huawei Mobile Partner , That should provide •Connection & Disconnection •SMS •Display Bandwidth •Display Data Usage •USSD USSD is the...
  13. A

    2nd Sem; Tier-3; Indian CSE Student; Linux or Windows? Will any laptop support linux properly?

    So yes, I couldn't study like madmen for 2 years straight 10 hours per day and hence couldn't get into iit. I'm now studying in a Tier-3 local college where we are being taught C in turbo c++ via dos in XP.. Q1: Should I put in the extra efforts and learn Linux and command line / shell...
  14. ramakanta

    Linux Mint - Install inside Windows7 OS

    I have desktop computer with windows 7 OS . I want to install Linux Mint inside windows as Ubuntu . is that same procedure or anything different from Ubuntu .??. if different then , please help me with details procedure . thank you. :-(
  15. ramakanta

    Linux Mint-Cinnamon vs Mate

    I am confusing about Linux mint version , what the different between Linux mint Cinnamon and Mate version . please with details ???? what should be used . and which one better , mate or Cinnamon ???
  16. sling-shot

    Firefox shows websites differently on Windows and Linux

    I dual boot Windows XP and various Linux distributions (preferred PCLinuxOS) I have always seen that the same website appears more cramped for room when viewed in Linux. The menu bars displayed by most websites appear stretched into 2 lines in Linux while the same appears fine on Windows. The...
  17. P

    Linux learning correct tab

    What is better book for Linux to start with ? So that later which make us capable of writing scripts playing with DB etc..
  18. ariftwister

    Why Linux OS is prefered by Developers ?

    So What are the advantages of using Linux from a developer point of view and What drawbacks of using Windows for Android development ?
  19. G

    clarify me on my out and out PEN-TESTING rig!!!

    after 2 months of fine research here's my config(initial set-up), Intel i5 4670k,Asus z87 pro mobo Corsair vengeance 4gb1600 ram Toshiba 1 tb hard disk Antec hcg 620 non modular psu Cooler master storm scout 2 cabinet Benq gl2460hm moniter. SO THE ABOVE CPU&MOBO COMBO LINUX PROOF(might...
  20. SaiyanGoku

    Free Linux Course

    Rs. 1.5 lakh Linux course to be available for free online this summer Software | Softwares | ThinkDigit News So, should I go for it?
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