1. nims11

    want to learn GUI stuffs

    i want to learn about any GUI library which i can use to give GUI to my C/C++ programs. I don't want to go advanced and i will be happy with implementing simple GUIs. also i would prefer a library that i can use with other languages too as i will be learning java or python later this summer...
  2. S

    Linux backtrack - "No root file system is defined" error

    I tried installing the Backtrack that i got from one of my Digit CD and i reached upto partition manger. I have already installed Windows 7 in my system. I have drive d:\ (from windows) which has 150 GB and i used only 33 MB in it. When Linux detected the hard disk and i choose the manual...
  3. Anish

    Help me choose a *nix OS out of Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris

    Hi friends, As its obvious from the topic, please clear me the doubt about where to start. I am a newbie to these. I've booted with live cd of linux mint, ubuntu and open solaris.. every thing looks the same. I havent tried any thing yet. Just i've booted and shutdown. Don't even know how the...
  4. K

    Dell Vostro V130

    The new dell Vostro V130 looks very good. However i dont have much on its performance. Please give more info on this readers. And if the laptop is configured with the core I5 it offers, with linux os and 500gb of sata hard disk- how much do you think it might cost??
  5. Anand_Tux

    Best institute for LPIC exam

    Hi, I am planning to take the LPIC level 1 exam which is offered by Linux Professional Institute. this is a very basic level Linux certification. Can anyone tell me about the Institutions that provide this exam & also teaches it, preferably in Delhi as I am from Delhi.
  6. S

    laptop without windows

    My friend needs a laptop within a budget of 40k. for internet browsing, movies and music and a little gaming. The thing is he does not want to pay for windows 7 or any OS as he uses linuxa and experiments with many linux distros. Can he get a decent Laptop preferably a VAIO or DELL without the...
  7. shiwa436

    sabayon 5.3 linux need help

    A Complete newbie to Linux now with Mint10 julia Hi guys, just a few minutes back, i have a chance to get the Sabayan 5.3 linux distros provided with some magazine. it contains three image files of 654mb, 1.6gb, 1.7gb sizes. which one should i pick? and do I need any driver packages for sound...
  8. utkarsh009

    anyone tried boss linux

    hey! has anyone here tried boss linux (bharat operating system solutions)? how is it? i want you to compare it with other distros. can anyone ask the digit people to include it in the dvd? it has been developed by c-dac.
  9. ico

    Tom's Linux Audio Apps Round-up

    Great article. Covers almost every audio software for Linux. Tom's Definitive Linux Software Roundup: Audio Apps : Introduction
  10. ico fast is Arch Linux?

    yC5eBdwi4Vs nkvd1Vbm2Jg Blazing fast, isn't it? I'm using Arch Linux with kernel 2.6.37-6 and KDE SC 4.6. Laptop specs Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66 Ghz Intel GMA 950 120GB 5400RPM Hard Disk 1GB DDR2 RAM [/spoiler]
  11. buddyram


    Hi Folks, As i am novice in Linux OS, so i am intended to learn it through digit. My query is, what is optimum size should i give for the Ubuntu 10.10 OS with a new drive and how secure is browsing the web in ubuntu Linux. Would anybody suggest me in this regard ramesh
  12. bhutanesedude

    Installing Windows over Linux

    Hello Experts, Please advice me as fast as possible in this case, please. I have bought a new Compaq Presario CQ42, but it came with Linux OS. Now I want to use windows, but I am unable to install it. What should I do? Please advice me on this. The detail information/specification about...
  13. mohityadavx

    Linux Customization

    Hi! Q1)My friend is buying a basic desktop. Now he doesn't support piracy so he want to use Linus. (He & even me have no first hand experience of Linux). so please tell which is the most windows resembling easy usable linux. Q2) As we can't use windows app in linux plz suggest all free...
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