1. heartripple

    which hard drive should i buy....??????????

    I am going to buy a new hard drive.....a 2 TB one..... I have two options in this... 1) Western Digital Green 2 TB 64 MB catch 2) Seagate 2Tb green 6 gbps green So....which one is better????
  2. arshadmajeed

    AUDIO stopped working!

    i was using the pc,browsing actually,and suddenly when i played a sound file,the there was no sound,i watched a movie before this, speakers are working fine,i connected them to my phone and checked. i have no idea what went wrong now,because it was working fine before,i even tried booting...
  3. mitraark

    Suggest Internal 2TB HDD

    Hello everyone, I am going to buy an Internal 2TB HDD this week. HDD going to be used for secondary storage purposes. I have a WD Caviar Green 2 TB , and contrary to what people say that it does not perform that well , i cannot say i have any complaint against it. What would the best 2 TB...
  4. ax3

    Green Lantern movie ! ! !

    any1 seen Green Lantern movie, how is it ???
  5. Alok

    DVD drive problem

    :-x hi ! I have a sony dvd writer. It was working very fine yesterday , i bought a tekken tag tournament ps2 dvd then insert it in drive worked fine and i enjoyed game using PCSX-2 0.9.8 for about one hour , then shut down my pc . Again started and insert same disk .Suddenly my pc...
  6. kartikoli

    Palit 9800GT 1GB Green

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Palit 9800GT 1GB Green Expected Price: Rs 3300/- SOLD Time of Purchase: 31-aug-2009 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes/ original bill claims 2+1 yr. warranty Reason for Sale: upgrading Purchase Invoice...
  7. C

    Better performing card under 4k

    Guyz I am purchasing used Palit 9800gt 1gb green @3900/- . Is there any better performer (new) under 4k? Thanks in advance.
  8. Jaskanwar Singh

    Some Wonderful AFOX HD6850 Cards

    AFOX HD6850 ONE SLOT - AFOX AFOX HD6850 Low Profile - AFOX AFOX HD6850 Green - AFOX just wondering why not in India? :-(
  9. bajaj151

    5900 vs 7200 rpm : Hard disk

    I was planning to buy external hdd but due to non availability of Seagate USB3 as well as high price...I am going with internal Two choices: 1) Seagate Barracuda Green 5900rpm 64mb 6GB/s 2TB - 4.6k 2) Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 32mb 3gb/s 2*1TB - 5.4k 1) Can I use Seagate Green as...
  10. clerkman1612

    My UPS has a weird prob?

    I have Microtech UPS 600 VA. :blush:My UPS works fine through the day.But at night (especially after midnight) it starts making a beep noise with its green light blinking rapidly.If I press again its button then green light changes to red which means its working on battery so there fore I have...
  11. The Sorcerer

    seagate ships industry’s highest performance “green” desktop hard drive

    seagate ships industry’s highest performance “green” desktop hard drive Barracuda Green features Seagate SmartAlign technology for seamless transition to 4K sector desktop hard drives MUMBAI — December 15, 2010— Seagate (NASDAQ: STX) today announced the availability of the Barracuda®...
  12. M

    Wd black or green? Urgent!!!!

    Have run out of space and need a new HDD. Shall I just go for a WD GREEN ( 64 mb cache) or is the WD BLACK (64 mb cache) worth the premium? I know that the Black trumps the Green in the benchmarks, but what about real world performance? Have any of you used both and found substantial...
  13. toad_frog09

    PC not starting.

    Today, my psu went kaput and hence my pc refused to start. So i got my pc a brand new psu and redid the connections. . My system config are. Phenom x4 955 be on M4a785td-v evo no graphics card. 1 x 500 gb samsung. 1 x 500 gb wd green. 1 x 160 gb seagate. Current Psu - zebbi 450w. (I...
  14. crazydevil

    "Windows Cant format" prob for new 1 TB WD green HDD

    Last Saturday, I got a new 1TB WD green HDD ... when i tried to format/partition it in Win7, it throws an error "Windows cant format":!::?:.. NOTE: I have used disk management windows util for partitioning/formatting Please help me out guys....
  15. Anorion

    Preview + Feedback [May 2010]

    Digit May 2010 Issue Preview Quick Content List Digit Magazine -- Entertainment@home Fast Track to iPhone Apps Digit Mindware DVD Digit Playware DVD Detailed Contents Magazine Contents Enter Inbox Buzz -- Bulletstorm announced, Adobe's strongly worded blog posts, Twitter's...
  16. X

    Readers' Letters [Digit Magazine Feedback]

    Every month we get a lot of feedback from our readers, which enthuses us, prompting us to work ever harder on the next issue and the next story. We have decided to start this thread to share some of this feedback with the rest of you and would like to start this conversation with you on an...
  17. zbuu

    query: western digital caviar green 500 GB?

    I am interested in buying western digital caviar grenn 500 Gb hdd. i would like to know the Rpm of the same.(ie 7200 RPM Or 5400 RPM)(I couldn't find the info in the wd website) Plz reply. Also watz the diff between caviar green and cAaviar balck. I am gamer which one should i buy?(ie...
  18. G

    World Environment Day

    Today June 5 is World Environment Day..pls do something today to avoid any harms we cause to environment GO Green! Reduce-Reuse-Recycle ..Save the Environment n Global Warming Use Public Transport instead of Motorcycle/Car/etc Plant some trees if possible or else atleast water some Dont...
  19. devilinearth

    Problem with Creative Inspire 4500 4.1 Speakers System

    Hi Guys...yesterday i bought creative inspire 4500 4.1 speaker system...i connected it to my Acer Aspire 4720 laptop(it has got 3 audio ports,namely line in,line out nd mic)...there were two connectors from the green and one black...i plugged the black connector to my line out...
  20. comp@ddict

    Make YOUR Computer GO GREEN - Guide

    Make your computer GO GREEN Well, enough said, now let's get to actually doing something. If you have a discrete graphics, especially one which consumes a lot of power, then I think you're gonna benefit from this post a lot. What you need: -Riva Tuner A small software that allows you to...
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