"Windows Cant format" prob for new 1 TB WD green HDD


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Last Saturday, I got a new 1TB WD green HDD ...

when i tried to format/partition it in Win7, it throws an error "Windows cant format":!::?:..
NOTE: I have used disk management windows util for partitioning/formatting

Please help me out guys....

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well, can't say what's the problem. Could you try it on some other computer or with Windows XP if you have it in dual boot? I seriously think it could be a problem with windows, nothing to do with the HDD if it got partitioned.
Or you can do one more thing, unplug your primary HDD, then boot with a windows DVD, partition the new HDD, stop the installation and plug your primary HDD back. But can't guarantee that you won't have to reinstall windows after this.


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boot from cd (don't click on setup in the CD in my computer, just keep it in the computer and reboot) and select the option to partition during installation. Do the formatting from there (be sure to back up your files externally)
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