1. D

    hardware problem.. need help.. urgent.. plzzz..

    Hey guys, m having a desktop with AMD athlon, 512 ram, 40 gb hd.. now-a-days, whenever i start my computer, it gets automatically shut down after 5-7 mins, and the green light keeps blinking, like d way it blinks in stand by mode.. tried a lot of things.. but didn't worked.. :-(.. Cn u help me...
  2. topgear

    Asus Unveils World's First Wireless Monitors

    Source :,7204.html
  3. S

    MS Tech Support

    We've all spoken to him at some stage! Mujibar was trying to get a job in India. The Personnel Manager said, 'Mujibar, you have passed all the tests, except one. Unless you pass it ,you cannot qualify for this job.' Mujibar said, 'I am ready.' The manager said, 'Make a sentence using...
  4. topgear

    Western Digital Launches Industry'S First 2 TB Hard Drives

    WD's Eco-friendly, Cool and Quiet, WD Caviar® Green™ Drive Marks the Largest Capacity Hard Drive in the Industry LAKE FOREST, Calif. - Jan. 27, 2009 - WD (NYSE: WDC) today announced the first 2 terabyte (TB) hard drive - the world's highest capacity drive and the latest addition to WD's...
  5. naveen_reloaded

    Australian Scientists Create World’s Most Efficient Solar Cells

    Scientists at the University of New South Wales have set a new world record by creating the first silicon solar cell to achieve 25% efficiency. Team leader, Prof. Martin Green of the university’s ARC Photovoltaic Centre of Excellence, says their world-beating solar cell is now a massive six per...
  6. C

    problem with vlc media player

    green bars and parallal shadows apper whenever playing videos, so far it has occured with quite a few .avi file formats(not all though). Green Bars dissapper whenever i play the same video in Windows Media Player but I still get the shadows....same case persists with Media Player Classic.
  7. G

    Is Piracy/Open Source Green?

    First of all ....I appoligise for taking a topic regarding piracy...Actually im not talking of pirated software but the piracy file sharing Protocol used in opensource...This is not an Encouragement to Piracy.....the word piracy is coz i got that pic with that word...i wanted to relate with...
  8. C

    How can i fix this in utorrent?

    the icon at the bottom of the utorrent client is yellow. unless it turns green, it cud mean a problem with my connection. (thats wat it says when i hover my mouse over it) wat can i do to make it green and improve speeds? shud i switch to another torrent client?
  9. A

    Files got GREEN!!

    Hi guys i have a serious prblm wid my lappy , some of my files in my lappy got green i.e it is showing them wid green color in the icon bar instead of black , i can see the space the files are occupying but i am unable to open or access them . Can you tell me wats wrong wid them and wats...
  10. H

    Modem keeps restarting!

    Hi, Since the past two days, and especially today, my modem has kept on restarting every few minutes. First, I am not sure if its a modem or a router, of whether they are both the same (I dont know much about these things). It is Huawei Smart AX MT 882. When I connect the modem, the second...
  11. F

    help on building a green pc

    hi everyone... i want to build a green pc, but i want it for extreme 3d applications... i'll be precise, i want it for architectural walk throughs & 3d Rendering for pixel sizes of 3k & should happen fast... i have the follwing config in mind but i dont knw which brand is the best...
  12. anish_sha

    Green Royale Or Vista Theme

    HI.. Royale is a nice theme for xp.. do u guys come across a green royale theme or vista theme? it would make our desktop more "GREENY" right ;-) if u know, pls provide link
  13. max_demon

    Pandoraaaaa :(((

    :(:(recenntly (today ) i tried to pandorized the battery but :((( the PSP is showing only green lite now and not turning on HELP ME PLEASE :((
  14. C

    system freezes and monitor doesn't start

    hey guys sometimes(not always) when i switch on the mains supply of my pc the monitor light glows green and then goes orange but on switching on the cpu it doesn't turn back to green and the monitor doesn't start though the cpu starts and keeps running fine...if i keep switching it on and off...
  15. C

    Mobo + Procy

    Ok first of all my config: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Asus A8N-e 160gb Hitachi Sata II 1 gig ram My system was not starting.. I mean the green light on mobo was coming, fans were working but no display on monitor.. So I called some pc guy and he checked and said that procy not getting power and ur...
  16. mohitgiri

    I need ur urgent help for Apple ipod

    friends i m in heavy tension.I hav apple i pod( simple model 512mb). but from last night i charged it from my pc. after chaging now when i play it it shows only lights blinking orange and green. again and again. in its back battery signal also showing same lights. plz help me. in my city...
  17. naveen_reloaded

    PS3 named green games company by Greenpeace org

    Do you love the earth? How about the PSP and PS3 ? Good, because your loves are one and the same. Sony is called the most green games manufacturer by environmental group Greenpeace. Sony scored an impressive 7.3 from the organization, making it the third most green company...
  18. sg1

    What was your first computer

    Mine was(and still is- it's in the bottom of the cupboard:) ) An AMSTRAD CPC464 with green monochrome monitor which used to cause problems when playing steve davis snooker:D
  19. ~Phenom~

    PC boots after many attempts....

    Hi Guys, For the past one or two months, I am facing this problem.After Switching ON the UPS, when I press Power ON button on cabinet , First it looks like starting, then after 1-3 seconds , everything stops sound coming from cabinet , only green light remains glowing and PC never...
  20. slugger

    y sum users listed in green?

    saw d list of currently logged in users and noticed dat altho almost everybody is listed in blu, sum users have been shown in green, saw it b4 also but i'm askin' now. like now dis mehulved guy is listed in green r dey d mods? also who r d mods raaabo 4 1 fatbeing another who d others?
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