DVD drive problem


:-x hi ! I have a sony dvd writer. It was working very fine yesterday , i bought a tekken tag tournament ps2 dvd then insert it in drive worked fine and i enjoyed game using PCSX-2 0.9.8 for about one hour , then shut down my pc .

Again started and insert same disk .Suddenly my pc get hanged , so i just press reboot button and restart it.BUT NOW :-x :-x it doesn't read any kind of disk . Green light which used to blink not doing so and just remains green.
I tried device manager to uninstall drive and restart , but problem remains same:-x I'm not able to play any game.

What should i do . Please help..


INTEL Core 2 duo 2.93 GHz
2 GB DDR2 ram
320 GB HDD
512 mb ASUS EN 8400 GS


@zangetsu I'll try and reply soon...

My friend knows how to clean so i'm going to his house . Take a little time..

:-xHey i cleaned my lense with alcohol but problem remains same.....green light stays green and doesn't blink
when i insert a disk , mouse pointer shows disk but nothing happens :-(


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Just remove that PS simulator app. And then tell what happened. Maybe the app is playing with your drive.


Tell us "

1. can you tell us if the tray is opening and closing normally or not ??

2. Does the CD/DVD in the tray spins and then stop with out any result ?

3. Which CD/DVD are you trying to test the drive ?


1-Tray is working normally

2-i used many movies , mp3 and ps2 game dvd

3-:-/According to sound i think there is no spinning.:-/



ok so, according to you there is no spinning.

Now its clear that some parts have moved inside your DVD Drive.

What I am expalining below is not for newbies (please consider doing it if you are confident enough)

Step 1 : Open the DVD Drive cover.

Step 2 : Clean the lens with a cotton cloth (with some camera lens cleaner).

Step 3 : Move the lens manually back and forth with your hands.

Step 4 : Look for loose connections, screws etc and tighten it. (don't put your force on it)

Step 5 : Replace the TRAY and Cover it back.

Step 6 : Install it on your computer and see if things go RIGHT!

If the above procedure doesnot help take risk in doing the following :

You Tube Video
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