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Every month we get a lot of feedback from our readers, which enthuses us, prompting us to work ever harder on the next issue and the next story.

We have decided to start this thread to share some of this feedback with the rest of you and would like to start this conversation with you on an ongoing basis. So without further ado, here are just a few of the mails we received for the April 2010 issue.

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Hello Sir,

I am Sandeep studying in 7th class. I had been reading digit since 4 months. Before starting Digit I had been spending my time playing games and watching Movies. But after I had started buying Digit I became the Techno Wizard in my class. Any problem my friend's might have would be cleared by me. If they ask how I know these things I suggested them to read Digit. I am feeling great that I had converted 8 of my Friends in my class to read Digit. The GREEN DREAM (the cover story of April 2010) had made me very busy in this Summer Vacation as I am making Solar Powered Light for reading books as Power Cut is frequent. All are appreciating me for this project and I also gave a solar lamp sample to my school's Headmistress. Really guys you are doing a great job. You made a geek into a great.


To the editor, April's issue was the best issue that I have seen. Thank you for your great consern on the environment and how we can improve it by using eco-friendly products. I have also participated in many awareness programs in promoting eco friendly products in my locality. One suggestion though on your fast track even though it's the best but I think it would need to be evolved into an e-learning CD which will not only save trees but also make readers understand better ... THANKS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Dear editor,

I recently bought the April issue from newstand. In my opinion, it's the best issue of 2010 so far. It has everything like speakers review, mobiles review, free microsoft my safe pc cd, tips & tricks on KMplayer which is the best audio/video player with lots of features. Thanks digit for everything. Also can't wait for June, that will be the 9th anniversary of digit If I am right.

Thank you
Satpal Singh

Hello Sir
I feel my self lucky that i brought my tech navigator on April 2009 and it has been a year now. for the "Go Green today" editorial, i salute and for "Open Design and free culture" What an idea SIRJI! We really missed GEEK CULTURE.
other green articlea are superb, i rate this months mag the best issue ever i have read in a years interval. staying in touch with digit our tech navigator is highly informative. It has created curiosity of technology in me.
moreover, the Create and Make money from face book applications was good dillogical Fast track.
The DVD contents weree awesome esp. the lecture on computer, Whitepaper, Audiobooks, were interesting to my sis and neighbouring kids.
you know i have used the music you create on the DVD by mixing with another songs and DJing consequently deceiving freinds saying new version of song got released latest.

sazz reg(prome)

Thanks & congratulation to take effort to put one complete MIT OCW Lecture (instead like the previous segmented lectures in previous dvds that sucked) of Introduction to Computer Science & Programming. You may not know this, but this can have most certainly great positive implications for your numerous computer & technology avid knowledge seeker readers like.

Really appreciate the inclusion. Hope for more complete lectures in future.

Regards & Thanks Priyadarshi

I have wanted to write to you since days of CHIP from which you have taken your current avatar. Kudos to the entire DIGIT team for consistently bringing out such a novel magazine year after year always exceeding reader’s expectation. Yeah, I have been a reader of DIGIT from days of CHIP and not missed a single issue. I am an electrical engineer and have my own firm to deal with electrical erection & commissioning, energy audit as per EC ACT2001 etc. Every day I do receive at least 5 calls from my friends to enquire about some detail related to IT and computers; I owe much of my IT savvy-ness to DIGIT. I have read with interest topics on green data centers etc published in your magazine.
An amusing experience of mine is that none of the seemingly knowledgeable person or even Engineering students seem to know about why there are 3 antennas on a mobile tower? But, reading digit has made me wiser and i can explain to them the reasons.
It was more reason for me to be a fan of your magazine when you devoted entire issue on Green Dream. Being an energy auditor and secretary of INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROFESSINALS( , i was happy to see and hold the issue in my hand.
On the subject of green dream i would request you to make your readers dream that when they light a candle they get light and smoke. Similarly when they switch on an electric light they get light and more smoke!!! Only that they cannot see the smoke which is emitted at the thermal power station. So it depends on them how much smoke they decide to emit for getting a particular level of illumination. Say for their study room they can either put a 65W incandescent bulb and emit 65gram of CO2 an hour or use a 15W CFL and emit 16grams of CO2 an hour. Same is valid for all electrical equipments i.e. there are now more efficient equipments available in the market for doing same task with less energy. a case in example is the BEE Star labeled equipment.
It is my request that you bring out an issue especially on engineering related software like designing, different calculations, modeling in all branches of engineering like civil, mechanical, electrical HVAC ,Project management etc.I would also like to see an special issue on evolution of communication technology including pioneering work done by HAM RADIO OPERATROS like moon bouncing in an satellite less era and also the Single Side Band communication system as i am a HAM RADIO OPERATOR MY SELF my call sign being VU2MBS.
Sunil Biswal, Energy Auditor, Orissa
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