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  • i got 8/100 in my exam
    so i dont have any regrets

    nothing cool
    xams will be near to spoil all fun of life anyways
    yup i'm fine
    welcome back
    seems like you got served....i mean rewarded with a back
    well too (theory of automata <-- it sux)
    anyways whose pic is this?
    i think he's one of that"BAYWATCH" character
    if its that so,then plz swap it with all time fav Pamela
    regarding Pic: go to usercp then select"edit avatar" in the side menu-->use custom avatar

    regarding sig:it automatically gets posted under ur comment
    sorry, i didnt remember to reply to you. i saw this notification on mobile but forgot to reply when i was on my pc later. yes i often play burnout paradise...
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