1. A

    What is the problem with my PC

    Hi I have a strange problem. My PC suddenly goes dead with only the Green light on Cabinet blinking. Even after I restart, nothing hapnnes except the blinking green LED. I changed the SMPS with no success. Checked the Reset & powern switch but teh problem persists. It hapens occassionaly...
  2. KoRn

    computer hangs on dowloading anything

    my pc hangs when i try downloading anything like from microsoft and softpedia.all the icons on my desktop turrn light green and i always have to restarrrt wats freakin wrong?????!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :?:
  3. ShekharPalash

    Longhorn Build 5048 at WinHEC

    So after getting all the hardware happy, the first thing you'll notice is the look. Here we have Aero, Longhorn's current suit of clothes. Its gray, basic but easy on the eyes (olive green should have never happened). While temporary, Aero is in an intrem state until DWM/Avalon is fully...
  4. fanatic

    computer hangs after every random time

    Hello everyone ... i m going thru a very very strange problem . and its really troublesome Computer Configuration: Processor : Intel Pentium 3 RAM : 128 MB Graphic card : NVidia 32 MB Card Harddisk : 40 GB Problem: Now my computer hangs after every...
  5. R

    Computer Wont startup!!!!

    Yup thats the problem When i on the comp,the green light on the CPU lights up but the Red light for the HDD blinks and goes off and doesnt light back on. The monitor green light(next to the on button) just keeps blinking. When i remove the signal wire connecting the CPU and and monitor i get...
  6. V

    Pinnacle Studio or display card

    Hello 1) I am using windows XP and my system detailed configuration is at and I have pinnacle Studio 8 installed in my system. I use it for video editting. I have Pinnacle Hollywood FX 5 Pro-Plus installed in my system which i used it for transistions...
  7. Charley

    My monitor changes color

    The monitr screen color keeps changing from normal to green, red, blue, etc..... Wht cud be the problem?
  8. abhasbajpai

    help! 865GBF MB dosn't give beep

    :?: HELP! i hv a intel 865GBF MB with on board speaker, the MB also Hv a green LED now my MB dos'nt give a Single BEEP after completing the POST. but sytem boots perfectly and performs perfect. pls help me why it is not givin beep and for what the Green LED is for abhas
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