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  • Need your help,
    I was using FSP APN 700 which I had got as replacement for FSP SAGA-II 500. Its hardly around 14 months since I am using the replacement and now suddenly its dead. IDK how.
    Aditya IT was the distributor for FSP but now they are not. Even the PSU is out of warranty and Aditya IT wont accpet it. So, is there any way I can get the PSU repaired? I am ready for paying the repairing charges. Or can I get the PSU repaired locally anywhere?
    What do you suggest I should do?
    @ Jeetu: Read the reviews, see the specs. Most of the power supply reviews are not done properly and tested in a wrong manner. There are stress testing equipment which pulls voltages from the wires and show ripples on the rails accordingly. The methodology is from hardware secrets and few proper hardware review sites like anandtech follows the right power supply testing methodology. There's also experience, especially if you're helping to build systems to get a habit of knowing any quality drops. Some agree, many don't.

    I need to know the entire system config to give a proper reply, but please use the forums and not the visitor messages or PM options to ask for advices. If others give a proper reply, there's really no point for me to say the same thing again.
    I read you comments regarding the recent bad quality of Cooler Master and Corsair as compared to before. I searched all over didn't get much info regarding it. Can you give me some sites that says PSU quality going bad, i would like to read about it. Another question , what PSU will you buy under 4K for a Dual Core computer with graphic card like 9600GT power requirement.
    i have two choices for a headphone- philips shp9000 & sony mdr xd300.which would you prefer?i mostly listen to rock & metal.
    I used this tool and ran up an answer of 177W on my current config.
    Should I go for a 300W one? Is the VIP 300W supply a good one? Can you recomend a quiet powersupply?

    {PS: it comes to 220W if I add a graphic card [which i dont plan, just overestimating.] }
    biostar boards are distributed by abacus peripherals. If you want, you can order it from
    Hi geek :D, I'm in Kolkata so there might be a problem getting the Biostar / Gigabyte mobo. But we have MSI / EVGA dealer (Tirupati Ent.) So suggest me a very stable board within 10K. I'm going to the market at 11am so need your response.
    It is indeed a better choice. cx400 is a stripped down version of vx450, but its still a reliable seasonic OEM. In reality, cm 460 extreme plus is better than cm 600 extreme.
    hi dude,
    I need your opinion. Just read your PSU article , so thought to ask you this.
    My friend just bought a R4850-2D512-OC.

    He need to go buy a new SMPS , but as his budget is under 3.5K so i recommended him Corsair CX400 instead of CM 600 . what do you say . As per Corsair site, CX400 is sufficient for 4850 ( )

    Please help to decide.

    Config is : -

    Intel C2D 6420 @ 2.14 GHZ,
    Intel 965 RYCK Mobo,
    2 * 1GB 800 MHz Kingsten RAM,
    1 Asus DVD RW
    2 SATA HDD,
    1 Floppy drive
    1 TV TUner card ( which can be removed as not used by him).

    Please help to decide.

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