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  • Hi!
    I remembered that you were thinking of buying an Idea Blade on TE. I just wanted you to have a look at this post:

    ^^ that can be a problem. community support is only for the old Blade. custom roms for blade won't run in new blade cause of unsupported library. so you need to install overclocking software & usually stock kernel doesn't support overclocking. so, NO. for now at least.
    The post is in this thread:

    It says that the Idea Blade does not support the old ZTE Blade's custom ROMs. That may be an issue for you. Just pointed out for your help :)
    PLZ can you tell me the price of ATI RADEON HD5670 1GB DDR5 from different manufacturer
    in banglore
    plz i need it urgent
    hi there!

    cud u pls help me to find a gud cpu for 25000rs. i do hav a 20" led display ,now i only require a gud cpu..... i love gaming....
    so suggest which cud run(dirt 3,crysis,etc)
    Thanks. I will surely keep these things and the price in point. I enquired in shops here in my city but benq in not available. I had asked them but any other option other then this. If not I will have to travel 300 kms to
    Wow! will it be helpful for gaming and photo processing. What about its quality.
    Thanks for quick reply. I am going through details of this monitor now.
    Hi compa I need your help. My monitor HPW1907 went wrong some days ago and now i am thinking of buying new one.
    can you suggest me a good monitor in a price range of 11k. I am looking for 22 to 24 inch monitors.

    thanks friend.
    Could you please do me a favor? Can you please try encoding a video with your 5770 using either AVIVO video converter or Mediashow Espresso.. I really need to know if it works on Windows 7 or not.. this would be the deciding factor for me between Ati 5770 and GTX 260.. if it works then I'll stick with ATI 5770 else with GTX 260..
    Hey.. I need your help
    How is Gigabyte Superb 460W compared to Corsair VX450.. I'm going to Chandigarh within 2 days, so I need a suggestion regarding these two PSUs.. which one would be better for the Core i5 based rig with Radeon 5770??
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