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Make your computer GO GREEN


Well, enough said, now let's get to actually doing something. If you have a discrete graphics, especially one which consumes a lot of power, then I think you're gonna benefit from this post a lot.

What you need:
-Riva Tuner
A small software that allows you to overclock or down clock your ATi/nVidia graphics card and save them as profiles.

Download link -

Getting Started:
-Okay, now install the program, and run it.
-Now select the "Customise" option beside "ForceWare Detected."
-Now Select the first icon, the one with the picture of a graphics card.
-Now, in the "Overclocking" tab, select the lowest possible clock speeds(usually about 50-75 MHz more than the minimum that your card can go). Do this for both the 'Core' and 'Memory'.
-Save this as profile "Project GREEN."
-Now go to the "FAN" tab.
-Reduce the fan speed in "Standard 2D" to about 11%.
-Reduce the fan speed in "Low Power 3D" to 17%.
-Now, save the profile as "Project GREEN."


Complete here:-

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