1. masterkd

    WD Cavier Green RMA query

    I bought one WD Green 2TB internal drive in Aug 2015. Recently the drive started causing problem. Sometimes when I am copying files to the drive it freezes and does not copy anything at all. It also causes the whole system to freeze as well. And sometimes the drive is not detected at all. Today...
  2. mithun_mrg

    My First Custom Loop built

    This is just a temporary built this will eventually go into my next CPU most probably Zen After few modifications CPU-FX6300 MB- MSI 970 Gaming RAM-2X 4GB Gskill Ripjaws GPU-7850 2GB Case-Corsair Spec2 PSU-Tagan 500W Corsair 60Gb SSD, Intel 520 180GB SSD 2TB WD Green, 1TB X2 WD Green...
  3. Cyberghost

    Red, yellow and now green cards: Serie B match breaks new ground

    History was made in Serie B recently when the first ever "green card" was shown for good sportsmanship in the match between Virtus Entella and Vicenza. The very first recipient of the card was Vicenza striker Cristian Galano, who was shown the green by referee Marco Mainardi after admitting...
  4. A

    MOBO / PSU Issue: POwer llight glows on MOBO but it does not boot

    My ASUS Mobo is showing green light once the mains are ON. But when i hit the On button on the Cabinet, the MOBO does not boot. my config: MOBO-Asus M5A97R2.0 EVO, CPU-AMD 6300 3.5Ghz, RAM-GSkill 2x4Gb, PSU-Antech 550P V2 Initially i suspected my PSU, so i check it with Multimeter, for all...
  5. anirbandd

    HDD + RAM suggestions needed for desktop

    Hi All, I want to upgrade my RAM and buy more storage for my system in the signature. RAM: I want to increase RAM to 8GB. Am currently on Kingston Value series ram in dual channel mode [2x2GB], and would like to get a taste of a good quality, moderately priced performance RAM, like...
  6. S

    Buy SSD and Monitor

    Hi I have a system with Current config as below: AMD FX 8120 GSkill RipjawsX 8GB (2x4) GA 970A DS3 Gigabyte HD7850 OC 2GB Deepcool Neptwin (CPU Cooler) 4x1TB HDD (WD Green) 1x3TB HDD (WD Green) 2x LG2041 (19.5" 1600x900) Current system runs Ubuntu 14.04 x64. The basic purpose of...
  7. T

    Is my GTX 560Ti Kaput? Please advise.

    Hi, My GTX 560Ti is from MSI (Twin Frozr II edition) and I've had it for over 3 years , the warranty has expired too as a result. Bit of a background on how the issues started: 1) Yesterday, I was playing World of Tanks when suddenly weird artifacts started to pop-up on the screen , it...
  8. A

    Green vertical line in moniter pls help

    This is a new assemble computer which has developed a green vertical line down the center of the dell monitor( Model No.2240L) What causes this and how can i get rid of it?
  9. anmolksharma

    Please suggest topics for presentation/seminar

    I need to participate in a presentation competition in the field of information technology in my college. Please suggest on what topic I should give presentation. I am looking for practical topic than simply copying from internet like cloud computing etc. My interest is android-its...
  10. S

    suggestion for new internal hdd

    hi guys, my seagate hdd (500 gb) went kaput and i need to buy a new one. considering the higher warranty of WD hdds, i have decided to go for them. however, with so many types available (blue, black, green) i wonder which i should go for. could the experts kindly suggest, alongwith price, if...
  11. avinandan012

    Positive Experience Bought WD Green 3TB- Hyd

    Hyderabad - Bought WD Green 3TB I bought a WD Green 3TB WD30EZRX. Price : Pricing was excellent most online/offline I visited was offering above 8K, but snapdeal offer 7690 & I am sold. Rating 5/5. Quality of packaging : It came in a sealed anti static bag. Over that was 7 buble wrapped sheet...
  12. B

    How to copy OS into different drive?

    I currently have 2 HDDs a 1TB WD green and 2TB WD black 1. WD Green 1TB [4 partitions] C: (48GB) Win7 D: (600GB) ISOs E: (246GB) Movies F: (35GB) fraps videos 2. WD black 2TB G: (100GB) H: (683GB) I: (1.05TB) is it possible to move the contents of C drive [windows 7]...
  13. B

    Need a reliable HDD [internal or external/portable] within 4.5k

    I need a HDD to dumb my data i rarely use [like movies, TV shows etc.] and i need a reliable HDD. I am confused between getting an internal hdd or a portable/external HDD. here is what i found INTERNAL HDD: pros: 1. Cheaper 2. value for money cons: 1. would constantly run while...
  14. S

    Soundmagic ES 18 from Pepperfry.Com

    Longtime user of ES18 and I recently ordered two black and green sets from Pepperfry as the price was good. But the wires on the sets that arrived are significantly cheaper feeling than my old earphones. And the green is also way brighter. Is this a change from Soundmagic or have I recieved...
  15. V

    Random green and purple pixels on the screen

    System Configuration : Pentium dual-core E5500 @ 2.80GHz 4.00 GB DDR3 RAM HL-DT-ST dvdram gh24ns72 ata (DVD SATA drive) Seagate Barracuda LP ST2000DL003 (SATA HDD) Seagate PM - ST3160215A (IDE HDD) Nvidia GeForce 210 1GB graphics SyncMaster 2033sw Samsung Monitor Cooler Master Thunder...
  16. K

    Looking for an ultrabook

    Looking for good recommendations on Ultrabooks and also which models to avoid. (1) Budget - 50K (can stretch by a few thou if the model is worth it) (2) Size & Weight - preferably lightweight and slim (else I would be considering a normal laptop) (3) Brands a) I like - Lenovo, ASUS b) I...
  17. masterkd

    Strange issue with 2730u

    I had a DLink 2730u modem+router which I previously used in my old computer perfectly. Now I am trying to set up internet in a laptop in PPPoE mode. I provided all the settings. Now it is connecting to internet as the internet light goes green in it. But I am not receiving internet through...
  18. S

    2Tb Internal HDD Advice...Seagate or WD Green or Toshiba ?

    I'm about to buy 2Tb Internal Hard drive but i'm very much confused between Seagate,WD Green and Toshiba.All 3 have very good reviews... My Purpose is mainly storing Huge data and i'm looking for realiable Drive with good support and warranty...
  19. R

    Should I go for WD 2TB Caviar Black?

    Hey Guys, So I've got a 1TB Caviar Green currently, which is probably the bottleneck to my overall system rating (5.9), Nevertheless I wanted to upgrade to 2TB so thought this time I should go for 2TB Caviar black, are there any better alternatives? Or should I really just stick to my 1TB Green...
  20. M

    internet security

    hii i am getting a red crossed mark on the lock sign in the browser tab (where the ip address is written).i know that google searches are secure..and a green light ought to be does that mean that my computer security has been jeopardised??can anyone shed light on this plz?? thanx
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