1. W

    Can't Get Into Libraries Files

    My folders in the library folder(Document, video, music, and pictures) won't open. There's a green arrow appearing on the icon and the folders say Libraries-MS File if I click on them it doesn't do anything. My favorites in internet explorer are also showing the same green arrow. I've tried...
  2. C


    New here and wanted to give shout out to all my bhai-logh or digizens as I read someplace. Point me out to if anyone wants to. I am pretty green horned when it comes to tech so would be great to learn. Hoping for good times. S
  3. P

    WD 500 Gigs - Which one is the best INTERNAL drive?

    Hi Tech Gurus!, My Query : WD 500 Gigs - Which one is the best? Requirement : I need it as a RELIABLE primary drive for EVERYDAY medium usage.Copy/Pasting atleast 10GB data everyday. SATA III preferred since mobo has 2 of these ports. Choosing WD since service reports are better. My...
  4. D

    Buying guide: Any alternative to Canon sx240HS?

    Hi, I am planning to buy Canon sx240HS this December first week. Most probably from Green dust online shop. I would like suggestions regarding my choice and if there is any other alternative to this camera to consider in this price range. And is Green dust good in service (I've never bought from...
  5. g_goyal2000

    Green pixels on laptop screen

    Hi, Since past few weeks, some random green pixels started appearing on the screen of my laptop (config mentioned in signature below). Their timing was random & not predictable. One restart & they were gone. Then later on, the screen started blacking out randomly after green pixels...
  6. gohan89

    Weird PC powering up problem!!!!

    My config is: Intel C2D E8400 4GB DDR2 800MHz 4770HD 512 GDRR5 Corsair 450W Microtek 600VA Recently I have been facing weird problems when powering up my computer.When I press on the start button in the cabinet after switching on the UPS (there is one green light and a yellow light on my...
  7. D

    problem with illumination bar in xperia u

    i brought a xperia u from homeshop18 last week...everything was until yesterday...the illumination bar which is supposed to give different colors was the main reason why i chose this mobile... the problem is that the green color is is highly amplified ...this results in different colours than...
  8. B

    WD Caviar Green 2 TB HDD (WD20EARX) as boot drive?

    I have a plan to use WD Caviar Green 2 TB HDD (WD20EARX) as boot drive... Are they reliable? At present i am using 500gb Seagate as boot drive What are your thoughts on this?
  9. r4gs

    Preview and Feedback [September 2012]

    F**k you, consumers! F**k you, consumers! A chilling tale of how cartels were born, and consumers were left out in the cold and the rain; how companies want you to believe you want something you don't need and how you're getting scr**ed over by unscrupulous manufacturers. NOTE: Since this is...
  10. C

    Which HDD Should i Choose?

    Im looking for hdd to dump the data (tutorials, Blue ray movie, Anime, Po** etc etc) huge speed is not primary focus since its not a boot drive but reliability is necessary first i was decided on one of the following HDD Seagate Barracuda 3 TB HDD Internal Hard Drive (ST3000DM001) WD Caviar...
  11. topgear

    Samsung Green DDR3 8GB 1600MHz 30nm Review

    Just see how nicely this kit can be Oced : Samsung Green DDR3 8GB 1600MHz 30nm Review - Introduction love at first sight ? They are little but mighty powerful as well.
  12. dfcols71

    which hard disk to buy

    seagate 1tb 32mb 7200rpm or western digital 1tb green caviar
  13. TheLetterD

    SA-MP(GTA San Andreas Multiplayer)

    Hello Me and my friends and other Random people I dont know play GTA SA-MP Just posting this so people can know, Its fun, you can Have Races, Grenade Wars, Regular Wars, also there is a CS Area where you can play CS :D AND you can be in free roam, its lke a vast city, do whatever you want to...
  14. Sarath

    [] ABS saved my Day and a life []

    I have been a strong supporter of the "Get ABS in your car" no matter what segment it falls into. Today, my support has grown even stronger after seeing in practice it's application as against just merely reading about it. Although it was wrong on my part, do not take it as a way of justifying...
  15. N

    Corsair VX550 PSU issue :(

    Hi guys. Please read my problem carefully and suggest me possible solutions. I have a Belkin surge protector which has GREEN = Grounded and RED = Protected LED. When i connect it to wall socket, both LEDs glow at full intensity. When i plug my PSU cable into surge protector, the green LED...
  16. N

    Belkin Superior Series 6-Socket Surge Protector

    I have 8 months old Belkin Superior Series 6-Socket Surge Protector. It has 2 LEDs, GREEN (marked as grounded) and RED(marked as protected). The RED LED is bright and glows at its full intensity, however since last 2 days , the GREEN LED is very dim compared to RED and now it has started to...
  17. vishalg

    Is this behaviour normal for an APC UPS??

    i recently bought an APC UPS 1.1KVA now whenever i switch it on, the green light flashes and the fan turns on for few seconds and then switches off and the green led stops flashing. is it normal for the UPS to do so, is it some kind of a test???
  18. vamsi_krishna

    Happy Diwali.

    Happy Diwali fellas. Keep it low and green.
  19. K

    HDD enclosure for 2TB WD Caviar green..

    any recommendations? i am looking for the thermal-take Max 5G. where can i purchase it in mumbai ? apart from that what other HDD enclosures are good? mind you its for a 2TB bare WD caviar green hard disk.. thanks :D
  20. A

    corei3 Slow hdd access issue

    Hi i used to have a core2duo system and upgraded to core i3 2100 and intel dh61ww motherboard and kingston 1333 ddr3 ram. i got 3 hdd WD green 250 gb sata WD green 500 gb sata WD green 1 tb sata installed windows 7 sp1 64 bit on 1 tb hdd. install all motherboard drivers i.e inf...
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