1. .jRay.

    Server not found error

    Since today I'm getting this error whenever i try to open a webpage. I use mozilla firefox with windows 8. My internet connection is working, (confirmed by utorrent download at full speed) and also works on other laptop. Mine is giving this error since the evening. Also tried chrome and ie...
  2. H

    Far Cry 3 ERROR 0xc000007b

    i cannot play far cry 3 because of ERROR 0xc000007b. i cannot even open it:twisted::-x please help needed i tried uninstalling all c++'s and then installing them again but noting worked i installed 2005,2008,2010,2012 and 2013
  3. E

    Visual CPP lnk2019 error

    I am just getting started with visual cpp 2013 . I looked around the web for tutorials and tried running the following code #include <windows.h> #include <tchar.h> int WINAPI winMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPWSTR lpCmdLine, int nShowCmd) { MessageBox(NULL...
  4. Skyh3ck

    Error - "Windows detected a hard disk problem" on my Lenovo B490 laptop, pc slow

    Hi dear friends for past couple of months my pc is working very very slow, and i am getting an error pop up saying " Windows detected a hard disk problem, Back up your file immediately to prevent information loss, ....... " Please see the attached image capture of the error Please help me...
  5. $hadow

    SMART error on HDD

    My PC has stated giving this SMART error every time at the boot since the past 3 times and now I need suggestion on what to do no to get rid of this error.
  6. A

    windows 8.1 update 1 problems

    hi guys i was udating today my copy of windows 8.1 to update 1 which was released yesterday but the problem that came up was it gave an error on 99% saying that failed in configuring updates after one or two tries it again gave the same error but when my system booted i saw that it has been...
  7. N

    game launching problem

    I have Sony (nvidia 740M graphics, 1 gb). when I try to launch any game ( especially counter strike) the error comes saying "video memory more than 15 mb" and game crashes.plz help.
  8. rickenjus

    error message in boot screen

    Every time my pc boots I am getting these two error along with a long beep. Earlier I was getting an error message only all the content till "error 912" line, then I tried changing booting preference for hard disk, floppy disk etc in bios (which I don't know a thing about, did it randomly)...
  9. R

    Problem connecting to free online VPN

    Recently i came across online vpn- I thought of trying it at my office. I created a VPN account and connected successfully for the first time but after minutes it got disconnected. When i tried reconnecting, it gave an error - "registering your computer on the network. Error...
  10. true_lies

    error trying to run 3Dmark11

    Downloaded 3DMark11 Basic edition and installed. Preset at Performance and running Benchmark Tests only. Get a "please wait..." splash screen, window then minimizes and after a minute or so getting this message: Specs in my Sig
  11. A

    unable to create new mail in thunderbird & play video on youtube

    dear friends, i can't create a new mail set up in thunderbird, it gives me an error massage"sorry-we are unable to communicate with our sign up server-please check your connection." and my second problem is that i can't play video on youtube, it also gives an error massage. my...
  12. NiGHtfUrY

    Windows 7-the memory could not be written ERROR HELP

    My rig is in my siggy. Heres a screen shot of the error I was just browsing on facebook when this happened. Only recent changes i made are installing avast and unisalling avg. This is the first error of this sort that i have received on this pc or rather any sort,error free since...
  13. H

    [Complaint] Issues with activating Windows 7 and customer support disconnecting instantly.

    Company Name: Microsoft Product Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Service provider: Microsoft Location: India Date of Purchase: 2010 I built a new PC and decided to reinstall Windows 7, but it my key wouldn't work the normal way and the activation wizard asked me to either buy a new key...
  14. T

    PXE boot error

    plz help.. bought lenovo g500 i3 rd gen laptop few days ago.. my room mate used it when i was out.. and its giving this error..
  15. R

    Office 2013 Activation Error online and offline

    Facing Activation Error on Microsoft Office 2013 i am trying to activate office on my clean formatted system( Previously i am using office on same system without any problem) i am trying to activate it on line and offline(Via Telephone) But Facing Following Error
  16. rickenjus

    netbean error

    I'm trying to run a html5 project on netbeans But getting this error each time - "Port value out of range:65536" I tried changing browser and native webkit but no luck, problem still persists.. I also tried running demo project but result is same. any solution..???
  17. A

    Windows cannot access the specified device path or file error

    I an having Win 7 premium with Office 2007. Recently, I started facing a problem in opening .txt, .docx and .pptx file and their applications (i.e. Notepad, MS Word and Powerpoint). Other MS office applications are working very well. No virus infection, using avast. My son might have installed /...
  18. Nanducob

    no signal error

    Hi, I'm getting no signal error while my cpu works fine.I think its not the problem with cable,because when i looked in the internet i saw a solution-to pull off the power cord from the back and press the power button infront for 45 seconds and start again. It works everytime ,but im tired of...
  19. ankush28

    Windows desktop error

    "c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop is missing" I've copied the c:\users\ankush\desktop to above folder and it got fixed! Anyone can tell me why this happened? Virus? Still I am getting tons of error :/ While opening libraries, downloads :/ :( Help me please
  20. S

    "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" Error in Windows 8/8.1

    Hello ... I'm Sahil From India. Whenever I Try To Install Any Windows OS Recent Than Windows 7 on My PC. After A Few Days My PC Starts Showing The "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" Error. My PC Hangs And A Blue Screen Appears Showing THE ABOVE Error At The Bottom. I have A : -> FoxConn...
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