1. stellar

    Error after log in

    I cleaned the registry using ccleaner and after that when i started my Pc nest time I am getting this message every time "There was a problem starting msiroo32.dll the specified module could not be found. What can be the problem and what ddl file i need to install to get that error go for good.
  2. true_lies

    avast update error

    i have the avast free antivirus installed on win XP lappy. it does not updates the virus database on its own, even though its set on auto. and the manual updates dont work tried to uninstall it but it shows an 'error reading product data' error. and i cant even delete the folder. what to do?
  3. bajaj151

    [SOLVED] Error while transferring file

    Error :The file name you specified is not valid too long..Specify a different file name Can't able to rename...same error
  4. mohityadavx

    Urgent - Error 137

    I have two websites hosted at 000webhost They are I am not able to access them and I am receiving this error:- This webpage is not available The webpage at * might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new...
  5. dalbir

    ubuntu 12.04

    upgraded to ubuntu 12.04 and all the processes were done successfully but in the second last step of cleaning up there was a small note was shown as THE PROCESS IS HALTED BECAUSE THERE IS SOME ERROR. and now i can't start the OS. need help
  6. A

    'Application not installed' Error Android

    I have an application's .apk file when i installed that apk directly it ran well. Later i opened that apk in winrar and replaced an image file in drawer-hdpi folder, when i try to install this new apk file it gives me 'Application not installed' Error. I even tried signing the new apk still...
  7. patkim

    Nero 7 - Server Busy Error!!

    My Nero 7 all of a sudden has started giving this weird error message box everytime I try to load the burner interface. "Server busy, the action can not be completed because the other program is busy, Choose Switch to to activate the busy program and correct the error" Available buttons are...
  8. Blue Ripazah

    MAFIA II error (vito goes down)

    hi guys im facing this error in chapter 14 when after vito exits te building and he has to take joe to a doctor (el greco) the moment i press any button vito goes down in some grey space ...can anyone provide some help on this..
  9. mohityadavx

    PHP script not working on XAMPP

    I have a PHP script which works well when I upload it to my website but it is very resource heavy and mys site is on free hosting so I dint wanna use it there so I tried to run it on XAMPP ( I am using college wifi hence high bandwidth) However when I try to run the PHP script I get this error...
  10. G

    Why is this program rejected by C++ compilers?

    I am having some difficulty compiling a C++ program that I've written. This program is very simple and, to the best of my knowledge. The program is as follows: Here is the output I received when trying to compile this program with Visual C++ 2010: c:\dev>cl /nologo helloworld.png...
  11. K

    lefe 4 dead 2 server connecting problems!!!!

    hi guys,when i play try to play left 4 dead 2 online and connect with custom servers i cant play and i get this messege in console.... Connecting to public( Sending UDP connect to public IP Retrying public( Sending UDP connect...
  12. M

    error in call of duty MW3

    hey friends i am getting following error in call of duty MW3 'reliable command buffer overflow' what does that mean & how can i fix it??? please help me!!!!
  13. buddyram

    S.M.A.R.T. command Failed Error

    Yesterday evening when i switched ON my PC, to my surprise the system was unable to boot. It started showing "SMART Command Failed" Error. I was puzzled to see this message. I checked the connection to the hard disk(removed the connection and connected again), but nothing changed...
  14. ritvij

    fifa 12 throws side by side config error

    i installed fifa 12 after re formatting my pc but now it shows side by side config error. i googled a bit and even reinstalled microsoft visual c++ redistributable but the game still shows the same error. my drivers are up to date. before formatting it worked fine. here's a screen shot.
  15. S

    Ubisoft game launcher error

    Hello guyz, Today i bought this game Call of Juares The Cartel from a local shop. The installation went smooth but when i start the game i get this error: "Failed to load Ubisoft game launcher" Failed to load configuration.Please restart the game.If the error persists please contact...
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