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  • I got in eBay only. Its 1 year now. And its awesome player man. I havenot charged it for a month... haha still going on... half an hour music daily.
    its street fighter vs tekken.
    for pc
    it supports multiplayer too.
    awesome game.u shud try it.
    Cool..nice to meet ya :D I'm a digital artist, freelancing at the moment..& yeah a metal head too \,,/, :D
    Yes, but the income is very low. I have about $1.24 even though I've been blogging for a couple of years.
    Often i hear that lie from many people,they lie "you're an university topper,you shouldn't mock girls like this :P " ;)
    BTW,where it is? in trichy (where i live) we got a college named j.j engg college..
    are you mentioning that?
    if possible post the link of that college site.

    P.S: my search gives this college. I guess this is the college where your sister studies. REASON: kerala and kanyakumari are really close by distance. :)
    AS I KNOW,many of my profs. are PGDCA's. They took different major and studied PGDCA to enter into the field of computing. THEY SAY, "if you study PGDCA,you aren't done,you'll have to study more".Also if you want to become a prof. Then this is the perfect course for you. Since you said you are physiotherapy major, you can do this.(only if you want to become a professor or kinda job). Of course professor's ARE on demand and you can EARN a lot from this profession. If you like teaching then you can do this. PGDCA+ PG + mphil will do. :) also i can put some pluses for phd :p
    Its all upto you and your passion. Both will give you job,but PGDCA will take time(not for getting job,but to finish the learning curve AFTER PGDCA).
    hope you got it and sorry for the LOOOOOOOOOONG msg.

    P.S: most of my prof.s earn 80,000-1,20,000/month :D. they just say me since im the best in my class(no boasting here,just telling the FACT)
    Okay.. if you're going for Redhat. then start from now.
    My suggestion is, use Fedora.(since its based on redhat)
    but if you have 0 knowledge about linux,then go for ubuntu.
    Most probably ubuntu and fedora are same,except the package managers and some other stuffs.
    Personally i use ubuntu and archlinux. but why im saying you to use fedora is,if you learn fedora you can crack redhat :)
    thats it..
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