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Every time my pc boots I am getting these two error along with a long beep.

Earlier I was getting an error message only all the content till "error 912" line, then I tried changing booting preference for hard disk, floppy disk etc in bios (which I don't know a thing about, did it randomly), but after saving and restarting the booting preference got back to the earlier state. Tried 2/3 times & when nothing worked I left it as such.

then other day I cleaned the cpu cabinet (for the first time in 5 years :p ) and when I switched on pc afterward, another error followed "error 912" along with a long beep, and this is the routine now.

Any solution(s).. ???



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Did you check the CMOS battery and have you done any BIOS updates.If there is still BIOS updates for this Mobo do it and replace the battery.Remove the 1st boot device as floppy and set the HDD as the 1st boot device.


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unable to find update for bios as hp site has no option for windows 8 as of now...
and I tried setting hdd as 1st boot device bt after every reboot preference is getting changed back to floppy. .

I will look into cmos battery tomorrow.
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