1. Æsoteric Positron

    Windows strikes again ==>WHEA error - A fatal hardware error has occurred.

    WHEA error - A fatal hardware error has occurred. A record describing the condition is contained in the data section of this event. Can anyone help regarding that error on event log? My computer basically freeze today, and had even given some BSOD errors sometimes this is the critical error I...
  2. quicky008

    PC randomly displays BIOS error on startup-what to do?

    I have an i5 based system that's roughly 5 years old at this point.It has been working well thus far,but of late sometimes when i turn it on it shows error messages related to the bios such as "New cpu detected-press F1 to enter bios setup"(even though the same old cpu is being used and no new...
  3. B

    Failed to add torrent in a torrent client

    Hello Friends, I bought utorrent pro, I had some voucher code for Play Store. I transferred a torrent from pc to phone, but IDK how to open it. So, I tried adding some torrent from a popular torrent website. I clicked on the download button and utorrent app opened but I displayed a message...
  4. esumitkumar

    Error : No permission to write to /storage/emulated/0 when Installing SKY FORCE RELOADED

    Hi Guys I have unrooted MI4 with Latest stable MIUI Whenever I try to install Sky Force reloaded (which I love like crazy), Google Play store crashes..and throws this error java.lang.SecurityException: No permission to write to storage-emulated-0-Android-obb (attached image) I have...
  5. rohitshakti2

    Monitor donor start and KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Error

    Hi friends, I have a quad core amd with 4gb corsair single stick ram, corsair smps, Dell 21" monitor. While working on my PC, it hanged. I tried to reboot it but it showed KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Error in Windows 10. As I was unable to find its DVD at home, I thought I should recheck...
  6. B

    Printer not working after Anniversary update of Windows 10

    Printer not working after Anniversary update of Windows 10+other issues Hi Guys, I shared a Canon LBP 2900B printer connected to Windows 10 laptop to a system with Windows XP computer using the steps as mentioned in the links below(check in the order of the links)- How to connect Windows...
  7. chimera201

    Is my external HDD dead?

    HDD: WD My Passport Essential SE 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk - WD : Bought in July,2012 Disk Management: Choosing ok results in "I/O error" WD Diagnostics: Write Zeros fails with "delete partitions error"
  8. TechnoBOY

    Need help in port forwarding.

    I'm trying to setup port forwarding in my router (TD-W8951ND). Have opened port 3000 from router but when checking it via Open Port Check Tool - Port Forwarding Port Check Tool gives me this error (Problem! I could not see your service on on port (3000). Reason: Connection...
  9. B

    Google play store not working

    Hi Guys, I am using GT-S7262 with Android v4.1.2 . The phone is not rooted. Last month Google Play stopped working all of a sudden. Whenever I used to open it, I would get an error cannot connect to internet. After sometime the error changed to Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01...
  10. C

    sd card error

    What's wrong with my sd card? Everytime i store data on and then happen to remove it from the phone and later have it back on, all the files can't be opened,. It either says "file does not exist" or "there was an error opening this file" Is there a setting that i need to adjust?
  11. S

    Call of Duty modern warfare3

    Sir, my sytem is af001-ax.It has 4 gb ram.It is 64bit operating system.Sir i have installed the whole game but it is showing the error that it cannot write a file.So sir what should i do.
  12. A website not opening on lumia 535 and laptop

    Website mentioned in subject is not opening in my lumia 535 as well as my laptop.its giving error as 500 internal server error sap netweaver application server 7.00/java as 7.00. Pleasee help how to open this site on both mobile and laptop. it opens for login page ,i enter my credentials then...
  13. TechnoBOY

    Error launching Virtualbox on kali 2

    Installing Virtualbox was a headache.After all these installation process there is an error when launching VB WARNING: The character device /dev/vboxdrv does not exist. Please install the virtualbox-dkms package and the appropriate headers, most likely linux-headers-686. You will not...
  14. stellar

    Windows 10 Error

    I am getting this error when i try to open windows store error :The error code is 0x80072EE7, in case you need it . I am not able to open Internet explorer also. I searched on net for this error but couldn't get specific answer and solution.
  15. A

    Hi i am facing blue screen issue with my laptop

    Hi guys, i have been facing blue screen error on my laptop from last couple of days.It all started when i tried to play Need for Speed MW on my laptop.After that i have uninstalled NFSMW and origin software.But all after that now i am facing blue screen error now and then.Strange thing is that...
  16. Pratik Pawar

    Gallery app Problem

    My lil sis bought Micromax Unite 3 Q372, 3 months ago, with Android 5.0.2 :mrgreen: since few days, the Gallery app is not working, not even starting, whenever we open it, an error message occurs, all the pics are there, coz the photos app opens, & they can be seen there, what could be the...
  17. sainath

    Blue Screen of Death while playing Game GTX 660

    I got replacement for my Asus Geforce GTX 660 2 months ago. I never tried this card after that because of my university examinations. It's 2 days before I installed it on my computer and what I experienced is horrible for me. I can able to use my system with this card. In video department this...
  18. anvesh

    32GB SD card detected in PC but not in mobile

    I purchased new Strontium 32 GB Class 10 SD card. Formatted in FAT32 thorugh Windows7 and used it in mobile (YU Yureka) After 3-4 days mobile stopped detecting the card. I tried from many file viewer but mobile didn't detect the card. Then on PC it was getting detected as normal and I was able...
  19. B

    Error while opening paytm

    Hi Guys, I am facing an error when I open via Firefox. I get this error * I am not able to click on anything. Even if I refresh, the result is the same. But when I open it via incognito mode it works fine. How to fix this? Thanks
  20. E

    Make my PC think it's in US

    Hi I wanted a good song streaming site/app for my PC.So I installed TunnelBear and downloaded spotify. I even created and account and logged in to the spotify app on my PC. Everything went well for a week then all of a sudden I got an error saying that my account is registered in a different...
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