1. J

    Image Composition Editor Error help

    I'm trying to use this Microsoft Image Composition Editor 64bit, at the first start I tried to make a panorama image out of a video and it worked.. but then at my second attempt it showed error : I used the same 1st video the other time, still it shows the same error but "at 50%"...
  2. P

    Black screen on win 7 boot

    acer aspire latop with 4 GB ram , 1 GB graphics, 500 GB HDD. Black screen appears on startup. Tried the following to bring back the system to life :- 1) Used bootable windows 7 flash drive. Outcome : the system is stuck at windows logo 2) Used bootable ubuntu flash drive (took more than...
  3. G

    Error 0xc0000142 in most applications? - What to do now?

    Hello, I have a HP Laptop, Whenever I try to download a video from youtube by using some software like Freemake Video Downloader or Youtube Video Downloader, after the completion of downloading when It goes for converting it shows an error of 0xc0000142 in ffmpeg.exe file and download fails...
  4. bestpain

    wd 1tb green hdd problem

    i had ordered a 1tb wd green hdd through ebay and yesterday it got delivered ...packing was good and was sealed was also reading in bios but when i tried installing windows then error code 0x80070057 is coming saying windows can not format partition,then i tried using it as secondary disk...
  5. P

    How to Inset a Avatar Here?

    Hi guys,while trying to upload a image for my avatar here at tdf i get a Invalid file Error any help on this topic?
  6. S

    Intel Core i5 Overheat

    I have had a Core i5 2500K for about 2 to 3 years as of now with no problems. The ambient temperature is on the higher side over here and for the past 2 to 3 days I have had two machine sudden restarts. When I switched on the PC the screen said CPU temperature overheating error. I have never...
  7. C

    firefox error "the name server refuses to perform the specified operation"

    Hi guys, I don't know whats wrong with my browser it is throwing up some error on most of the sites that I visit does not have a HTTP:// at the beginning of the address only some sites like FB and other manage to get the HTTP and some I get the following error screenshot this happens in...
  8. sam_738844

    Windows 10 Technical Preview : Build 10049 :Mail/Cal/People Error

    So, I could not wait long enough and played the windows 10 card on my main PC. It was definitely a risky call but worth it. Build 10041 was installed from the ISO in windows site. Later it was updated to 10049 with project Spartan, and it took 9 eternal hours to complete the update, which...
  9. anarchy0x

    temperature/over heating CPU (something like that) error on BIOS & blue screen of death

    temperature/over heating CPU (something like that) error on BIOS & blue screen of death Been getting these like twice every week. Get a BSOD or pc restarts with the mentioned error message. I forgot to copy the exact error message, which I will in case i get the error again. What should...
  10. bijay_ps

    Wallpaper issue in windows 7

    Hi, I am not able to change wallpaper on my PC. Whenever am trying to change wallpaper I am getting an error saying: "This image can't be set as wallpaper. An internal error occurred." This is happening for every image I am trying to set as wallpaper. I am attaching the screenshot for...
  11. G

    BSOD 124 while gaming rig...

    hello everyone, In nov.2014, i built my brand new gaming rig.(Link : Everything was fine till January and suddenly one day when i was playing Assassins Creed IV:Black computer crashed with BSOD error code 124, i...
  12. B

    Relocate Sector & Event Count Error

    I have a WD Elements 2TB Portable Hard Disk.While checking with HD Tune Pro i found these errors.Can someone please explain me who to get it fixed.I have searched the web but the results scared me lol. The HDD is working fine.Its loaded with HD TV Series i don't want to lose it :( I have...
  13. meetdilip

    Nexus 7 2012 error while updating to Lollipop

    It happened to me twice. The update from 4.4 is around 312 MB. It got downloaded fine but when I use Restart and Install button, tablet shutsdown and starts update only to show that there is some error and stuck with Android robot with a red triangle error icon at the opening in it's heart. In...
  14. D

    USB 3.0 error code 43

    Guys, help me with this error. I'm running Win 8.1. It was working fine. After unplug and replugging onto the mobo during cable management, it has started. Methods I tried 1. Uninstall/install driver 2. System recovery 3. Unplug/replug data cable to moBo socket 4. Restart system None of these...
  15. F

    WorxMail not installing

    BYOD Apple iPhone 4S ios 6.1.3 I have enrolled in worx home and installed profiles, but when I am installing WorxMail,WorxWeb, WorxEdit I am getting the error Unable to Download Application "WorxMail" could not be dowloaded at this time. Done Retry When I...
  16. samudragupta

    sd card unmounted/removed unexpectedly!

    Hi friends, i know this has been posted before, but mine is a bit wierd problem.... Im using 64gb class 10 sandisk sd card. So after updating to lollipop i have been getting these errors frequently and i have to restart the handset to fix it temporarily. I had this issue on kitkat as well...
  17. ax3

    Netbalancer problem ! ! !

    hi, am using Netbalancer 8.2.1 ... its trial version has expired ... bt still was using it with limited functions ... bt now i get this error "object reference not set to an instance of an object" when i start the program ... has any1 got this error & how do i re-use it ??? Thanx
  18. bubusam13

    Is facebook down ?

    Hi I have tried with internet connections from different ISPs but this what I am getting ? I contacted my friends and they are getting the same error else connection time out.
  19. G

    Hibernate on laptop problem?

    Hello, to all of you. I have a Laptop having specs CORE i5. 8 GB memory and 500 GB hdd, actually whenever I try to hibernate, I got a BSOD after some time, which stated "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE", what could be the problem? please let me know the solution, I've tried to attach a screenshot of...
  20. rohitshakti2

    Bios Boot Failure problem

    Hi friends I have AMD Quadcore 635 and Gigabyte 785G mobo. I had OC it to 3.4 ghz. Recently it showed BIOS and boot failure and asked me to use the default settings and I did it but it is still showing error of BIOS failure. I even downloaded a bios file and flashed it but it is still...
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