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  1. A

    Fire xt vs wildfire s vs defy vs sony st315 vs spice mi410

    hey folks!!!!! which one of this would u suggest!!!all of this are at great price and i am quite confused.fire,wf,sony are all new and defy is quite old now... which one of this should i pick.reply fast...i wanna buy it today itself thanks :-?
  2. D

    Budget Tablet or High end phone: What to Buy

    I am confused between buying a budget tablet and motorola defy, both are having same resolution, in fact motorola defy has a little bit better resolution but Screen Size is 3.7 as comaparing to Budget tablet which have 7 inch. So tell me the better thingto do. My budget is Rs.15000.
  3. S

    good headset to use with mobile

    any good headset to use with my defy within 500 Rs.
  4. V

    Spice mi410 or samsung ace or motorola defy ???

    Budget approx 15000/- Short listed : 1. SPICE MI410 2. SAMSUNG ACE 3. MOTOROLA DEFY Help me decide 1 battery life 2 Known problems 3 Hardware Quality 4 Quality customer service if needed.
  5. S

    Motorola Defy and Jabra BT2035 headset

    Hi, I read alot of websites and many are writing BT2035 is having A2DP capability, but am not able to play music when connected with my Moto Defy. Though i can use it for calls fine. I made a search and landed on a facebook page which is saying, BT2035 is playing music well on Nokia sets...
  6. lywyre

    A Motorola Defy+ around the corner?

    Well, we have all loved the Defy for being a smart phone and rugged as well. But, it does have its shortcomings with an under-powered processor and more notably, no Gingerbread (not yet). Here is some good news: Source: Motorola DEFY+ leaks on O2 Germany - GSMArena.com news
  7. A

    Xperia mini or Moto DEFY

    Hi all...m upgrading from my Nokia 5800 to an Android smarty My budget is 15K MAX..!! I'm confused between two good phones - The NEW SE Xperia mini or the Moto DEFY I'll be using this phone for fun light gaming like angry bids,fruit ninja,etc and not graphics-intensive games like NOVA AND for...
  8. R

    motorola defy or htc wildfire s

    Guys i am planning to buy a new mobile .. selected motorola defy and widfire s . but confused which to buy and also confused about the camera performance between the two.. :)
  9. S

    Suggest Mobile Phone @11K

    Finally recieved my Moto Defy from Letsbuy. Am loving it. ;) Though it took me significant time to find simple features for me. :P And i unplugged my full charged Defy at 10 am, and by 5:30 pm it was out of battery, only 5% battery left, I guess though, thats normal. Only thing am not able to...
  10. A

    In a Total Fix About Buying my 1st Android

    Hi Guys , This is my 1st post in this forum. I'm Going to buy my 1st android, My Budget is 10k -15k I searched various forums/sites for reviews. -Around 10 k slot i got impressed by LG OPTIMUS ONE (Highly Praised in many sites) but what confused me was , I couldn't understand...
  11. S

    Advise: Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 or Motorola Defy

    Advise: Desire vs Galaxy S vs SL vs Motorola Defy I'm on the look out for an Android phone in the Rs 15-20k range, and these two fit in. Currently own a Nokia N95 8GB that has been tortured worse than a Guantanamo Bay detainee and is still going strong :grin: Galaxy SL (Rs 20k on Flipkart) has...
  12. Soumik

    Motorola Defy and Defy+

    Hi All, I have recently bought a Motorola Defy from Letsbuy.com. I am fairly impressed with the phone. I needed to discuss a few things about the phone and couldnt find any thread for Defy, so created one. I am not sure if there are many Defy owners around here, but if you are, please...
  13. T

    What to buy !!

    I am confused with the market of mobiles , I want to buy an Android 2.2 based phone (upgradeble to 2.3). I have budget of 12k-16k, My choices are Samsung Ace Moto Defy but dont know which to buy. I want a good processor , camera , display, Any Suggestins ?
  14. RaptorX

    Help choosing between between Defy and Optimus 1

    It's about time I updated my ancient cell phone. This will be my first android phone. Browsing through severals topics it seems that the Optimus 1 and Moto Defy are one of the most popular choices in their respective price categories. The samsung galaxy sl is a little too expensive for...
  15. A

    Samsung Wave 2 vs Motorola Defy

    I am really confused .. earlier my Budget was arnd 20 K But I did not found any worthy contenders and I mean it , not intersetde in even going even 1 Rs above 20k + I need to buy a Memory card 8 Gb . I had a look @ Samsung sl but the 4" screen is too big to be pocketed . Now I have...
  16. pauldmps

    HTC Desire HD to get Gingerbread Motorola DEFY will enjoy Froyo

    Source: HTC Desire HD to get Gingerbread Motorola DEFY will enjoy Froyo - GSMArena.com news
  17. detonator2359

    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Vs Motorola Defy Vs Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8

    hey frnds what you think which one is better Samsung Ace abt -15k Vs Motorola Defy -18k Vs Sony ericsson Xperia X8 -13k m a lil rough mobile user.....
  18. S

    Samsung Wave 2 or Ace or Defy???

    Hey people, i wanted to buy a nice phone around 20k and i have shortlisted Samsung Wave 2, Samsung Ace and Motorola Defy. I was going for Defy, but a mobile store told me that a customer had developed problems in touchscreen the same day. Dunno whether its reliable or not... Rather, the...
  19. R

    Android mobile - suggest me some models

    I am planning to buy my first android mobile. Budget is not a constraint. However I wish its below 25k. And am VFM conservative and dont want to shell out more money for subtle differences. In other words I am willing to shell out more only when its justified. I made my analysis and came up with...
  20. Psychosocial

    Wave 2 or Defy ?

    Budget = 20k or less. Can't expand more. 20k's the limit. Need = Big ass screen with a nice resolution. OS is not a strict factor. Also... how is the availability of Motorola Defy ?
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