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  1. R

    Defy plus dev support

    Hi guys i am new here and currently using Samsung galaxy 5. Yesterday I ordered a motorola defy plus from ebay. I want to know is there any dev support for Defy plus like the original Defy? I am confused because i visited xdaforums and there is no separate section for Defy plus. Regards
  2. TheLetterD

    Amazing Motorola Defy + Deal! 14.5K WITH Mfg. Warranty!

  3. S

    how about Defy +

    friends.. i am going for motorola defy+. is good choice or is there any other phone in that range. help me on this...
  4. TheLetterD

    News: Moto Defy Mini announced!

    MOTOROLA DEFYâ„¢ MINI - It's life proof, for longer. Official product promo. - YouTube Moto Defy Mini Announced! Expected release : Q1 2012 +ves: 1650 mah battery all the defy-rugged-goodness AND a front facing camera -ves: a 600 MHz proccy only It has a 3.2 inch 320 x 480 screen If it...
  5. D

    Motorola Defy Mini XT320 rumoured

  6. A


    Hi, I have a Nokia user all this time but now I am thinkin of a change. I have zeroed in on two handsets:Motorola Defy and HTC Chacha(Had to do a lot of R&D for it though). As it will be my first ever interaction with any other handset ,for the matter of fact even the OS, I am not to sure...
  7. A

    defy charger problem ????

    hi guys, how much time does your defy take to charge from 20-30 % to full battery ? i'v noted it takes around 2-3 hrs with the charger i got with defy, however if i use my friend's charger ( samsung / lg / htc ) , defy takes anywher around one & half hrs for same.. is there some problem with...
  8. A

    Defy vs. Neo V

    I want to buy a new android phone for around 15k. So far, I have it narrowed down to the Motorola Defy and the Sony Ericsson Neo V. As per me, the Defy seems the better bet : 1. Although officially on android 2.2, some really amazing mods are available for it 2. It's waterproof...
  9. S

    Defy or Sony Ericsson SK17i (Black)

    Please help me to chose between Motorola Defy & Sony Ericsson SK17i (Black); also is the Defy +, worth buying if compared to Defy???:???::???:
  10. K

    Buying a new mobile - Help Needed

    Hi Guys, i am planning to buy a android phone.. i will be mostly using it for browsing and gaming(not high end)... the phone i was intrested in was Motorola defy..in indiatimes shopping the price is abt 14.5k..is it ok? in ebay after applying coupon you can get it for 14k.. since defy+ is...
  11. A

    Where to get Motorola Defy ?

    Hello Friends, I am looking for Motorola Defy. It's out of stock at IndiaPlaza and letsbuy.com/. Though its available at Flipkart, its a bit costly at 14,800 /- (after 600 cashback). Are ther any other online stores where I can get it for lesser ? Ho much would it cost if i get it at a...
  12. O

    Nokia C6-01 v/s Motorola Defy

    hey guys, even i am confused between c6-01 and motorola defy. while the c6-01 packs in an 8mp cam compared to defy's 5mp, c6-01 is a fixed focus camera while that of defy is an auto-focus one. Nokia also has better battery life than that of most of the phones, would like to know about the...
  13. vinyasmusic

    What and How to Put Custom Rom on Moto Defy

    Hi guys ... Plz post me a procedure or steps or tutorial links for rooting and putting custom rom on Moto Defy ... :?: Things i have downloaded as of yest :-) 1 SuperOneClick by Shortfuse 2 MIUI 1.10.28 Need ClockworkMod ( Links plz ) and downloading CM 7.1 :grin:
  14. R

    Motorola defy at 13000

    Use coupon code PC1620948BAF at yebhi.com and get a moto defy at 13000.. Happy Diwali :)
  15. guru_urug

    Where can I get Defy for least price?

    My brother wants to buy Motorola Defy for least possible price online. Is anyone aware of any specific deal/ coupon code? I tried Letsbuy but its out of stock. Please advice if there is any better exceptional deal on any other phone. He had galaxy 3 before and rooting,custom roms is not gonna be...
  16. R

    Moto Defy + at 21000 at ebay.in

    MOTOROLA DEFY + | eBay Someone selling defy + at 21000 at ebay.. at this price there should have been a secondary camera
  17. Romonster

    Some questions regarding HTC wildfire s & S-off

    I was going to buy Wildfire S for my sis. But today when I read its rooting guide I found out that it can not be rooted normally (I need to buy some xtc clipper to s-off :shock:) So there isn't any other way to root it? If it can not be rooted then how is its stock performance? Does it lag...
  18. R

    Motorola Defy in Licorice

    what does LICORICE means with defy found this on saholic.com. Also.. is saholic a trusted website to buy mobile
  19. S

    Blackberry 3G curve or Motorola Defy??

    I have shortlisted the Motorola Defy, for purchase. I also have an option to buy the Blackberry Curve 3G. Are there any solid reasons to go for the Blackberry? I will not have push mail access on my berry though.
  20. R

    moto defy red lens

    guys, i am buying a new moto defy this diwali.. but i want a new defy with red lens camera.. can any one tell me where i can find one.. gud if available online
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