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  • Hi....So you got your lappy?Did you try the catalyst 12.11beta 4?
    If possible share your experience before and after the new drivers.
    Happy gaming.
    Hi.. sorry for not cheking the messages. :)
    have u figured it out yet? U have to use it as a mass storage device and have an micro SD card in it. Then just use it as a pendrive. Thats the simplest way. Other than that u can phone portal, drop box, etc.
    Yeah, mkv will need 3rd party convertor to play. Either convert them on ur desktop, or dld some mkv extractor from market on phone, and use it to play them. I havent tried it yet, so its not by exp that i'm saying this. Just my hunch. try it out. :)
    hey, can u plz tell the procedure of trasfering files into defy... i just got my new defy yest and cant figure out ****, all i did till now was to update it to 2.2....

    also how can i play mkv files on it? how to convert, do i need to use a 3rd party convertor ....etc etc... it will be really helpfull..... thnk you!
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