1. giprabu

    Need an in-ear headphone with mic under 0.8k ....

    I've been using Philips SHE1360/97 Headphone (the famous 150rs one) for quite sometime with Defy and was very much satisfied.. Now my dad has taken that.. So looking for something thing better than SHE1360/97 which has decent bass... Budget is strict and cannot be extended. I'm planning to...
  2. banskt

    Confused between Defy XT535 and HTC Desire C

    Looking for a handset (questionnaire filled below) within 14k. I have almost finalised Motorola Defy XT535, but HTC Desire C is still a viable option. Community support for ROM, kernel development remains an important factor (if not the deciding factor). Thats where Defy+ comes in. Again...
  3. T

    How is Motorola defy plus?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a moderate budget Android device. I'm considering Motorola defy plus. I have done a little research about the device. But nowhere i have found the specs about the 3d performance. i doubt that is there any gpu integrated in the device such as the xperia ray...
  4. cacklebolt

    Second hand moto defy @ 7.5k

    i came across an offer on olx selling the motorola defy for 7.5k it worth it ??? i am tempted because the defy has one of the largest developer base arnd and that for me is a crucial factor and sometimes a dealbreaker for me while buying a phone. should i go ahead with the offer ??
  5. bhushan2k

    phone under 13k...defy+ or defy xt??

    hi guys...need phone for 13k...wil handle +2k if d cost is exceeding.. wanted to try wp8 anyhow since m big fan of windows phone UI n several plus factors over android n would always prefer it over 7.5 is not stable yet as having lot of limitations..n wp8 phones r not released yet n...
  6. D

    help with defy plus

    i am interested in defy plus at 13-14k.....i am basically attracted to the features its offering water resistant,gorilla glass because i am a rough user...i came across very good reviews praising its reliability...i confirmed and went to buy from authorized dealer locally...but after meeting the...
  7. P

    Caught between defy xt,xperia u and optimus black

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a new android mobile as mine is broken.... thanks to my gf :cry: neways i'm looking at optimus black : 4 inch screen, great camera both front and back, looks great in white any reason i shouldnt go for it ??? defy xt : like it but one review said its laggy and...
  8. S

    Motorola Defy Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

    Hello friends, Planning to buy a mobile below INR 15000, Got confused between these two, Please suggest me which one is better if you are using any one of them. This is for India. I never used any moto phones so a little confused for defy plus but i like it's features. Any other phone will...
  9. N

    need cell under 13k

    hello people!! i want to buy my first android phone n i hav zeroed on moto defy mini.... but i read smwhere that sony miro is pretty gud n its gonna release soon.... plz suggest whether i shuld wait for miro or go with defy mini.... thanks!!!
  10. powerhoney

    How do I root the Defy +

    As the title suggests, how do I root a Defy + running Android 2.3.6??? None of the methods that I googled seem to work!!! :cry::cry::cry:
  11. A

    Defy XT or Desire S

    Hi I need a new android phone. My budget is around 15k, max 20 but i want to spend as minimum as possible. So I looked through the threads and my heart is set on 2 phones Defy XT and Desire S. Please tell me which one should i go for along with their pros and cons. If there is any other...
  12. D


    motorola released a new model called DEFY XT 535 Motorola Defy XT: Price in India, Reviews, Specification: is this good than defy plus which one is good
  13. S

    3G problem on Defy

    Hi,I have been using my Defy for last 8 months smoothly.But this time it does not show or connect 3g connection.selecting manually it shows "no connection".It works only in automatic mode or 2g mode and gives 2g service.please help me.
  14. B

    advise for new mobile

    Hi everybody, I am thinking of buying a new mob. Among these which one is the best ? Motorola Defy Plus and Dell Venue, Dell Streak...........Pls tell me ASAP... Thanx in advance....
  15. S

    Samsung Omnia or Defy Plus??

    Please help me to choose between Samsung Omnia WI8350 & the Defy Plus...With the Omnia, is apps available easliy & freely like Android ?? 2nd, how's the GPS map in Omnia; I have to travel a lot so maps for me is pretty important...:confused::confused::-?
  16. A

    Omnia W vs Motorola Defy [comparison video]

    i just upload video of Omnia W vs Motorola Defy comparison hope it help somebody on this forum LAJDQBeQ-vE _8BzgklLA0s
  17. sky770

    Ditching All | Going SE

    Hi guys, As you may have read my previous posts about a mobile of around ~8-9k. Well, I have increased my budget:-D. And I am currently looking forward to get one of these: Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman -OR- Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro -OR- Motorola Defy Mini. I am pretty serious this...
  18. S

    new phone

    With a budget of 18k plzz suggest me a good phone I am a music lover i play games and surf and even watch movies i am confused between sony android walkman and sony xperia neo v and motorolla defy plus a good set of headphones will be better or suggest any other phones
  19. E

    Motorola defy plus 13,990 on ebay

    Checkout this this offer guys: Motorola Defy Plus (Graphite) - WUC offer! | eBay
  20. TheLetterD

    Price Drops And Great Deals

    Hello Thread (as the title suggests) made so that all the TDF members stay up to date on Excellent Deals and major Price drops Ill be posting them in the first post itself! Mod.s please feel free to move this thread to the Buying Advice section if you feel that is where it fits best Note: I AM...
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