1. banskt

    Budget PC config (below 15k)

    Brief: The PC at one of my relatives is an antique system, and now he wants to update that. Budget is a constraint and should be below 15k. The 600 VA UPS and a LG CRT monitor is still in good working condition, and would be retained. Though I have suggested him to upgrade the monitor, it...
  2. P

    what to do ? some help

    Hi, every one i have i5 2400 3.1ghz, msi H67 MA E-45 and Asus geforce gts450 as my graphic card , i bought it 4 months ago. With in first month the mobo shown booting problem....i mean i was using genuine window 7 ultimate said BIOS got corrupted ...and then after 15 days...
  3. GhorMaanas

    Edirol/Roland MA-15D or Audioengine A2 ?!

    Hi, looking for a good 2.0 speaker set-up, primarily for using with my PMP. could anyone pls tell which one should be better among the two ? wont like to consider anything else from these ;-) 1. Roland MA-15D -- am inclining more towards this one, as its got some extra features like...
  4. H

    SONY BRAVIA 32" @ confused

    getting this on ebay SONY BRAVIA 32" KLV-32BX320 LCD TV + DEALER WARRANTY it look awesome deal considering same is available in market for Rs. 29K. but not able to understand dealer warranty also its coming without wall mount. what you say guys. no one bought any thing from ebay?
  5. N

    Edifier Dealer In Mumbai

    I wish to purchase Edifier DA 5000 pro in mumbai. Since the weight is too heavy i would like to get it home delivered , any one knows any dealer who can give me this model home delivered to me in mumbai ? Thanks!!
  6. A

    550 Ti or 5770

    I need to decide between the 550 Ti and 5770. I would mostly be gaming at 720p or 1080p at mid settings. Suggest me which GPU has the best bang for buck and also please tell me their prices because I can't actually find the actual price as my dealer has not seen the 550 Ti ever.
  7. D

    gtx 560 urgent help

    hello to all i have to buy a 560ti 1gb and corsair vx 550. in kanpur most of the shopkeepers have't heard its or two are selling at 18-19k which is huge for this mid range card. is these prices are normal in india ?? please suggest an online dealer. shopkeeper is telling to...
  8. saswat23

    PSU Selection. Help!!! Its URGENT..

    I am looking for a good PSU for around 2.5k. The dealer here has only FSP SAGAII 500W and CX-430. Both are for 2.6k. I know CX-400 would have been a better choice here but the dealer says he can't get it. So, which one should i opt for. Plz reply ASAP coz i have to give him the final selection...
  9. C

    Request for Dell U2311H price and dealer information in hyderabad

    Hi, If someone from Hyderabad is here and bought Dell U2311H monitor, could you please share the price and dealer information. Thanks (in advance)
  10. confused

    Need help with Nvidia Graphic Card Replacement

    Hi guys, I had bought a MSI 8800 GT 512MB with dual slot cooler in April 2008 for rouglyly 10-11k. This card died on me in Dec 2008 and I had it replaced with an EVGA 9800 GT with 512 MB with single slot cooler though I had to pay 1000 bucks more. Now again the replacement card has died, and...
  11. A

    Need Help Regarding ASUS eeePC 1001HA

    Can I increase my current 160 GB HDD to a 250 or 320GB HDD. If, so, then from where and how as the local dealer said that it's not possible...i stay in Ranchi Thank You
  12. F

    N900 for Rs. 20,000 (In a way)

    Just saw this thread on TechEnclave and contacted the guy... So plz PM me if you want to avail of this offer which i think is damn awesome. Please PM me ASAP if you want to avail of the offer !
  13. D

    Data recovery

    i Have a 500GB WDC HDD. it was fallen of my desk & on to the floor. & after that it is not detected by BIOS & WIDNOWS also doesnt detect it. i tried it on my friends PC but it was not detected. iTs still in warranty. So WDC guys told that they will be able to replace it. But the DATA i wont be...
  14. F

    new budget gaming rig

    i so far decided athlon II x3 435 --4100 biostar ta785FGE 128 m ( cant get it anywhere) cabinet iball without smps ----600 (local dealer) smps/psu = gigabyte superb 460w(cant get it here local dealer giving iball 500w in 3000) ram kingston 2x2GB --- 3800 graphics card hd4670/9600gt --...
  15. rahulbalmuri

    which i the best 3rd party dealer? & INTEL roumours...???

    which is the best third party dealer in manufacturing of graphic cards?? 1.PALIT:smile: 2.XFX;-) 3.EVGA:lol: 4.ASUS:-P 5.GiGABYTE:idea: 6.Visiontek:shock: 7.Diamond:-( 8.Sapphire:!: 9.HIS:?: 10.Power Color:x and one more question........ i've been hearing that INTEL is doing fake manufacturing...
  16. S

    New pc.

    kindly advise on a pc in the range of 40k max 45k...i would have preferred Intel much more but have been going through all the posts and all you guys have been recomending i am willing to try it but am bit weary abt the stability of it i don't need to overclock just need a stable...
  17. vasanth.kingofthehill

    Creative ep630 vs Sony MDR-EX32LP

    The name of my thread says it all any suggestions on which to buy of both ........I'm more inclined towards the sony piece ...moreover where can i get these in Madurai.The sony dealer says the model has been stopped and cant find any creative dealers here.Tried Creative website no help...
  18. KoRn

    Windows Aero in Vista Home Premium

    Hey guys got a new lappy and it came bundled with vista home premium.the flaw is that the dealer did not add windows aero..and he isnt going to there an alternative of installing aero?please do help. one more thing. Model:presario CQ60 i cannot find the wireless driver from the...
  19. M

    A few querries about lcd monitor!

    Hey guys planning to upgrade to lcd monitor within 15k and not more than 22inch.Hows benq t2200hd? Is working on adobe photoshop better on lcd than crt? Thanks. Pls tell me i should go 4 benq or lg? My dealer says benq doesnt give more than 1 yr warranty. Pls tell me i should go 4 benq or lg...
  20. jit_devil2

    evaluate my old system

    m gnna sell a p4 1.8ghz asus p4ge-mx mobo xfx geforce 5600fx 256mb ram now wht iz da sellin price i shud b lookin for thnkin o cnvincin my dealer to exchange all dis fr a altec lansing atp3 ...............m i bein over optimistic here??????????????:grin:
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