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    Hi, Suggest a combo drive other than Liteon and Sony. I am from Kerala Liteon is not available in my state My local dealer said that he is getting so many complaints abt SONY(My friends too).My dealer told me to take LG Wat abt ASUS and LG dont want SAMSUNGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  2. G

    SLi rig question

    hi yall hmm i`m inclined to buy an sli rig.... as i`m totally frustrated noiw with my geforce 4 mx.. and i want a rig that could last me a good 3 years with having to worry about upgrading my memory, mobo, card and monitor and most prolly hard disks.. so here`s the rig i got from a dealer...
  3. S

    Where can i get Second Hand Laptops in Mumbai?

    Hello friends i want to buy a second hand laptop. I want to kno where can i find those in mumbai and who is the famous dealer for lappy's in mumbai.
  4. I

    Got H/W Today...Need an answer PRONTO!!!

    Hi Guys! I got myself a K8N-DL and Cooler Master's 450W Real Power unit (w/ a display unit) today! Happy man! I am dealing w/ the AMD dealer on the ground floor (oppo. car park nxt to hemkunt tower) in Nehru Place...He just got two units of CM450W and is expecting more...The other unit...
  5. C

    Prices - Pune

    hey ppl just wanted to keep a check of the latest prices goin arnd in pune ... i kno there have been many threads of this ... but hey the prices change ... dont worry abt the section coz i am postin an A and then a Q ... these are the approximate prices i got from my dealer at...
  6. R

    AMD Notebooks

    Hi, i'm interested in purchasing a notebook featuring an AMD processor. Acer has it in the Aspire 1350 series and the Ferrari 3000 series. The Ferrari is way over my budget and so for the time being is only a dream. But every dealer i have gone to says there is none with the AMD processor...
  7. reddick

    Gona Get K700i

    Hey Folks, I gona buy SE K700i soon. It comes with gr8 features and MORE... :roll: Neone tell me that is my decision is right? :roll: Which Nokia phone can b compared with it? :roll: Where is SE Dealer OR Service Center in CHANDHIGARH? THX 4 ur suggestions... 8) Reddick 8)
  8. tweety_bird_bunny

    windows longhorn????

    my local cd dealer told me that he had the windows longhorn .... plz tell me is it batter than XP if anyone of u had tried it....
  9. G

    Help needed For buying speakers

    I want to buy Artis Speakers Model:S400 But have been unable to find any dealer anywhere in chandigarh.Can someone halp me How can i get these speakers here in chandigarh. Thanx
  10. P

    Finally a poor man buys his first graphics card

    So guys after days (years) of mulling over it, posting various queries in this forum i collected the will to go and buy myself a graphics card till now all i used are the onboard setup od 815 and 865 so with a fixed budget of 7000/- i went first to the ASUS dealer in bangalore aim to buy a 5700...
  11. N

    Best webcam under 5000

    i wanna buy a new webcam and my budget is 5000. i would prefer solutions from logitech or creative. 4 creative cams, pls tell me the location of a dealer in south mumbai.
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