1. NucleusKore

    Jailbreak !!

    Source: * A manhunt is under way in western Germany for a convicted drug dealer who escaped by mailing himself out of jail. Source: *
  2. S

    N96 available for 34,999

    finally.. n96 is available for 34,999... though some dealers say it's dependent on dealer to dealer.. if you r in del... u still nd to wait though :mad: they say short on stocks, will be better after friday... but no such prblm in chennai, bangalore and mum ..
  3. D

    Fujitsu 6140 ADF Scanner Required..!

    Dear All, I am in need of Fujitsu 6140 ADF Scanner for Office Job purpose. I searched net a lot but unable to find any dealer or reseller in India. Can you please send me Name and Address of Dealer for Fujitsu Scanners in India. Thanking You.
  4. iinfi

    LCD TV ..another

    even though there is another thread which was recently started here * i want to start this for the benefit of yours truly. we are looking at the following two models Samsung Full HD 32A550 dealer cost Rs. 44500 and this one Sony S...
  5. bbalegere

    What is RMA service?

    This is related to this thread * and this thread * I have been advised by ASUS Support to ask my dealer for RMA service of my Motherboard. Can anybody please explain that?
  6. P

    Cheap Webcam

    Hey guys, I was looking for a cheap webcam (under Rs.650) which should have just par colour reproduction and good night vision. The Tech-Com SSD643K is hard to find where I live (Pune, Maharashtra) and when I did find it, the dealer said it was for Rs.600 whereas the Digit Sep 07 issue clearly...
  7. ayushman9

    Does NERO causing "Power calibration" problem ?

    2 months ago , when i was going to write a dvd, using Sony AW-170A or something like that , nero showed "Power calibration" problem , and no other burning program was working also . As still 2 months of warranty was left ,so i gave it to the dealer ,who gave it to RPtech and then i got it after...
  8. R

    Incorrect Latency Shown

    I recently brought the three modules of F2-6400CL4S-1GBHK with CL 4-4-3-5 timing but after installing it on my ASUS M2A-VM (AMD 690G Chipset Bios Ver. 1603) board it recognises the timings as 5-5-5-15 i also checked with Everest but it shows the same timing my dealer says that the motherboard...
  9. ankushkool

    Planin 2 buy Cowon iAudio 7

    Cowon iAudio 7 in mumbai? Need help with buyin Cowon iAudio 7... can someone tell me where can i find it in mumbai, is there a Cowon dealer in laminton? also can someone give me de price of de 4GB n 8GB model in mumbai.
  10. H

    Nehru Place, any good dealers??

    Hii guys!! I'll be going to Nehru Place to check out my graphics card and psu. I don't exactly know a dealer there so wanna suggest some good dealers to me???
  11. Riteshonline

    Who is the official dealer of Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts?

    Can Anybody tell me Who is the official dealer Of Company of Heroes :confused: Company Of heroes Opposing fronts:confused: PPPLLLSSSEEE!!!
  12. abhishek66

    Nokia 3500 or Nokia 5500

    Which of them is a better phone..... Nokia 3500 or Nokia 5500..... Both of them are available for Rs. 6800 at the Nokia priority dealer..... I am too confused about which phone to buy.
  13. M

    Dell dealer in pune ?

    Hi pls provide me adress of dell dealer of pune. Thanks Manoj
  14. vavinashraju

    which dvd writer to buy sony or liteon

    there are many dvd drives available in the market which one should i go for ....i m planning to go for either sony or lite-on..which drive should i go for please help and i m going to college now i will check this page when i return....please mention exact name like last time i asked the dealer...
  15. Stalker

    Which RAM Brand??(Transcend or Zion)

    well guys, i am getting a new system with a q6600 & a 8800GTX. I've decided to go with 800Mhz DDR2 RAM. The options open to me are Transcend and Zion. Which one should i go for?? My dealer says that zion is better (also more expensive) but transcend is a major RAM manufacturer......i dunno...
  16. ArZuNeOs

    WD HDD In Chennai

    As said Where in Chennai can i get a WD HDD from a authorised dealer Reply soon please
  17. mohit

    FS : Sony Cybershot DSCH2 Digital Camera

    For Sale : Sony Cybershot DSCH2 Camera + 1GB Memory Stick + Caselogic case I am selling a Sony Cybershot DSC H2 camera which is hardly 20 days old and with 1 year warranty (Dealer warranty). Details are as follows : Specifications : 6 Megapixels, 12x optical zoom, Image stabilization. A...
  18. int86

    Need advice for new Configration

    A neighbour of mine need to buy a PC for home use. He got a estimate and needed me to advice . His estimate that he got fr dealer: Intel 101 GGcr/Asrock .... 3950/2450 Intel PIV 3 GHz Ht .... 3250 256 MB DDR400 .... 1150...
  19. S

    Dealer locator

    I want to buy Panasonic lumix TZ1 digital camera. Where i will get it at kolkata? Is there any panasonic dealer at kolkata? Please help me?
  20. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Earphones/Heaphones Again! Help Me..........

    Hi everyone,few days back, I posted a thread about good earphones for my Transcend T-Sonic 610 MP3 Player, unable to figure out anything I decided to visit my local Sony Dealer and also frantically searched the net untill I settled for the Sony MDR-E829V, which cost around 900 bucks. I searched...
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