1. M

    WD Blue Query

    I bought a WD Blue 1 TB 5400 rpm (model WD10EZRZ) hard drive today. My requirement is gaming and not planning to have an SSD. I actually ordered WD Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200 rpm (model WD10EZEZ). The dealer is telling Caviar Blue is obsolete and not available. Dealer is ready to replace with...
  2. sandynator

    Is Lenovo ThinkPad L450 core i5 4th gen worth buying now ?

    Well, this is for a friend of mine but me too lured by think pad branding ;) While hunting for Asus core i3 5th gen with 2 yrs warranty at lamington road market a dealer offered him Lenovo Think Pad L450 14 inch / core i5 4th gen / 500GB HDD / 4GB ram & Dos last available piece @Rs.30000/-...
  3. seamon

    Which is the best graphic card your local dealer sells?

    Mine is GT 610. :(
  4. R

    No FULL HD res in i7 4rt gen lenovo z510

    Hi guyz i just bought lenovo Z510 : i7 4702MQ 2.2GHZ / 8GB RAM/ 1TB HDD + 8GB SSD/ 2GB NVIDIA GT 740M/ HD SCREEN 1366X768. Lenovo website says i7 4rth gen Z510 features a full HD screen.Also the dealer has advertised as FULL HD. In settings i dont find Full HD option. I'm going back to the...
  5. G

    Dealer price of samsung galaxy note 3

    Hello, to all of you. Can some one tell me the dealer price of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3? I really need this price.Hope to see some replies soon.Thank You. Regards, GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  6. Nipun

    [Views] Epson Dealer: Intech Systems Pvt Ltd

    This is posted as "views" not "complaint" as I've not actually purchased the product yet. However, Mods, if you feel this prefix is wrong, change it. Hello everyone. I was looking forward to buying an Epson L210 multifunction printer. As the inks were not available on flipkart and the...
  7. F

    My Experience, buying a Dell Laptop in Delhi

    I had recently posted a thread "Questions for a gaming laptop" a few months ago. I just got my Dell inspiron 15 r turbo (or is it Dell Inspiron 15r 7520 SE? :) ). I'll post a review of it shortly, but first i'll share my experience over the past few months in buying a gaming laptop in Delhi...
  8. M

    Denon M39:

    I am planning to buy Denon M39 Mini Hifi system.. Do guyz help me out to find the right dealer in chennai!!!!!! How much does it cost in India? Plz share.
  9. V

    [Complaint] Awaiting replacement/repair of Seasonic PSU for over 2 months

    Hey, I purchased a gaming rig with a friend of mine ~3-4 months ago. ~2.5 months ago my PC suddenly stops working. Completely non responsive. After checking with my friend, inspecting my cabinet and doing some online reading, I figured it was my PSU. So, I took it to the dealer in Lamington...
  10. B

    online booking of dell laptop

    Can any experience holder provide me advice that whether it is OK to book Dell Inspiron laptop ONLINE on Dell website or i should purchase it from dealer only? Has anyone on this forum faced any problem if he has booked a dell laptop online? Thanks...
  11. D

    help with defy plus

    i am interested in defy plus at 13-14k.....i am basically attracted to the features its offering water resistant,gorilla glass because i am a rough user...i came across very good reviews praising its reliability...i confirmed and went to buy from authorized dealer locally...but after meeting the...
  12. hari1

    Phone with dealer warranty from Ebay

    I am currently in need of a smartphone. I am getting a xperia neo v from ebay for Rs. 11750 after applying coupon. The seller has very good feedback. I have never purchased any phone earlier from ebay. The seller is giving dealer warranty, not manufacturer warranty. Should I buy it? Thr link to...
  13. D

    Good computer dealers in Hydrabad!!!

    My friend wanna buy a high-end graphics card in Hydrabad. Can anyone suggests some good computer dealer there. He is interest in buying Sapphire HD7970.
  14. coolest111

    [Urgent] Back Again with iPhone Query

    I have narrowed to following possibility a the moment 35k iphone 4s 16gb (1yr dealer warranty) 40k iphone 4s 16gb(1yr apple india warranty) 40k iphone 4s 32gb(15 days dealer warranty) is it wise to go with dealer warranty??????coz i'm thinking of 32gb version...the seller is reputed on...
  15. Ricky

    Is it a good deal.. samsung i3 laptop by a dealer

    Hi, I have been offered laptop by a dealer citing that he can sell it for discount price if I can compromise with some scratches on body etc.. The laptop is : Samsung RV NP-RV518-S01IN Laptop: Compare, Review Samsung Notebook He is quoting Rs. 23K for it.. Should I go...
  16. S

    ASUS K53SV-SX521D latest price and dealer details around chennai or hyderabad

    Guys, can anyone tell me the latest price of ASUS K53SV-SX521D laptop as i hear that the prices have changed alot after the new budget which gave a big blow to electronic gadget lovers. Can you also tell me whether it is available in stores, online as i also hear that the production of this...
  17. TheLetterD

    [QUES.] Phones cheaper without bills Dealer vs Manu. Warranty

    Umm hey Ive seen people on the forum say that buying Mobiles without bills are cheaper. So I wanted to know what are the risks? Also Ive seen that most mobiles which are imported models are available for much less on eBay, esp all the 'Wake Up Call and Deals on the week' offers. Although they...
  18. W

    PSP Buying

    Hi, Its my first time in this forum. Do let me know if i posted anything wrong I already own a PS2 & also do gaming on my desktop. Was planning to get a PSP (E-1004 recently launched). Would like to know the gaming experience and if its worth buying. Also while i was browsing dealer...
  19. M

    [Query] ASUS/Rashi cheating? or the dealer?

    I suggested my friend to buy a ASUS ATI HD4770 512MB DDR5 graphic card. about a one and half year ago, last month the card stopped working. It was sent to asus by my dealer. after a week or so, dealer said the delay is due 'same card is no longer available',so we waited.. finally some...
  20. mailshobhon

    latest mrp of asus laptops

    this are the latest models which are available in asus right from the dealer
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